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PostPosted: Thu Jun 24, '10, 4:52 am 
A version of PSIV using all the modern conventions like 3D models for characters could be really good. Sega's Ages remakes were budget titles though, so there would be little chance of a remake from that series using such features.

Maybe Sega dropped the idea of a PSIV game in the Generation series because of the cut scenes. Generation 1 & 2 both had completely new artwork, but the original games did not have very many cut scenes. PSIV's cut scenes included over 300 panels. That's a lot of artwork to recreate.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 24, '10, 9:01 am 
No, I actually think they cancelled it because of their wonderfully brain damaged executives wanting to use more money on other less interesting projects... Like Sonic Unleashed or some other stuff.

And still, I would like a good PS4 remake. I don't look at the classics with rose tinted glasses. And to be honest, without disrespecting anyone, I really am not interested in Lyla's version of PS4. In my opinion Chaz is one of the best heroes in the Phantasy Star franchise. Changing the focus into a retelling of the story from Alys' perspective doesn't sit well with me.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 24, '10, 9:31 am 
I totally agree with WING-0.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 4, '10, 10:52 am 
I finally found it... The petition in which I based my own. Here:
I don't know if it's still alive and kicking, but the many of you who may have signed up on my petition may try this one as well, since it's older and more successful than mine.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 4, '10, 2:08 pm 
Someone will have to remind me when is the last time a petition ever changed/accomplished anything at all. In this space/time reality I mean.

Usually, what make things happen is money, not list of names.

But hey, knock yourselves out, positive thinking beats negative thinking!

PostPosted: Wed Aug 4, '10, 6:19 pm 
Most petitions are usually abandoned by their creators, so they don't come to fruition. I think a better question would be, when is the last time someone started an online petition and actually sent the signatures to the agency the petition was aimed at? Creating a petition for Sega to release a game does nothing if Sega isn't eventually told about the petition.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 9, '10, 10:07 pm 
I contacted the author of the other petition and he's still keeping an eye on his petition, and now on mine as well xD

Besides, both petitions are still receiving signatures to this very day!
Mine has now 30 signatures and the other one has 200 signatures xD

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