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 Post subject: Reorganizing
PostPosted: Sun Nov 16, '08, 7:01 am 
Tonight I've changed the arrangement of some areas of the site. I hope this will improve use of the site for everyone and make some things easier to locate. It should also facilitate further growth in the future.

In addition, the Links page (now under Help in the reorganized menu) has been updated. One of the fan sites had to be removed because the host shut down. Another great fan site lost. :( Another site moved, also.

There's a few other minor changes around the site too, but not much worth taking the time to list.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 16, '08, 7:25 am 
Oh, one more I forgot to list. I created a subforum under Fan Fiction for Phantasy Star I. I had been holding off on this for a while in hopes of getting some more fics in for it. I decided this was a good a time as any to go ahead and move it out, though.

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