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PostPosted: Thu Apr 30, '09, 2:01 pm 
The rumored name is the "PSP Go"


- digital download titles only
- no UMD drive
- slide screen
- comes in 2 SKUs, 8 GIG built in flash memory and a model with 16 GIGs of flash memory
- Sony will have over 100 full PSP titles, both old and new, available at the system's launch, including Gran Turismo Mobile

Further details are rumored to be disclosed at the upcoming E3.

Sources: ... ort/?biz=1

I think it's a bit early for a new PSP and I think the system is just picking up a good bit of steam from the massive amounts of newly released titles this year, and there are even more PSP game announcements coming at E3 according to Sony.

I guess if nothing else it's just another option for gamers, which is fine with me. Doubt I'll get one anytime soon. Although I'd be more interested in this than the DSI.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 30, '09, 4:49 pm 
I have doubts that a download-only system would be very successful. I suppose it would reduce costs, both for the system and games, but personally I'd rather have the games on a physical media. And of course one would need an old style PSP to play any games released for that which aren't available on the download service.

PostPosted: Sun May 31, '09, 3:28 am 
This new PSP seems to be confirmed now: IGN has an article, as do a few other places. According to IGN, Sony is going to keep the old PSP on the shelves along with the new model. That certainly does seem to be a popular tactic these days. I guess it allows Sony more time to build up the downloadable library for the new system before retiring the old one as well.

PostPosted: Sun May 31, '09, 1:01 pm 
Interesting, but I don't think everyone is ready for download only titles. Unless the PSP can come out with some great games I don't think this will take off like Sony is expecting.

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