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 Post subject: Re: Remakes
PostPosted: Mon Jun 1, '09, 5:26 am 
DrkTr14ce wrote:And did we honestly need that Chrono Trigger port for the DS?

Yes. XD

Why remake games? Simple: Developer Name Here loves your money! Developer doesn't want to take the time to develop or take a risk on a new intellectual property/franchise, so they take what worked in the past, tweak it, give it a graphical facelift, and voila, Your Money!

(Note: Cynical gamer/wannabe writer who spent the last eight years working for what he essentially calls THE CORPORATION, so yeah, I guess I'm a bit jaded when it comes to Big Business.)

Now... what would I love to see remade? Starflight. Greatly expand the universe, make the alien races more varied (accents don't count!) and actually remember what you did to them in the past. This is one of the few games 3D would work wonders with- ship-to-ship combat and planet exploration would look nice. Imagine the myriad alien landscapes to be seen!

One Must Fall 2097, the best fighting game ever made. No, wait, there was a remake/sequel called One Must Fall Battlegrounds, and it SUCKED *. Nice music, though.

Zone 66. Overhead scrolling shooter with a lot of selectable planes but only schmucks/the daring use anything that isn't the DFA Bomber, massive levels, and lots of things shooting back at you. I think I said the entire last level of the game is one of the hardest bosses ever in a previous topic. Actually, no, this game doesn't need a remake at all. It just needs the game-crippling bug in Mission 2 fixed.

I'm sure I'll think of more games that I'd like remade later.

 Post subject: Re: Remakes
PostPosted: Mon Jun 1, '09, 3:18 pm 
I guess I can understand remakes, especially for old games that have long been out of print. It's a good way to introduce new people to an old franchise. But I just some get WAAAAY overdone. Drk already pointed out most of them.

For what I'd like to see*points to signature.* And having Mother 1 remade and BROUGHT OVER TO THE STATES would be kind of nice too. I'd also say Mother 3, but it's only 3 years old, so...a little too early for a remake.

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