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PostPosted: Thu May 16, '13, 5:09 pm
Now for something different than the usual...


When I sit in my bed and I look outside my window,
I see the waves crashing by the seashore.
Then I close my eyes, overtaken by deep sorrow
At the image of the woman I used to adore.
But from my mind she never disappears,
She lives beyond the realms of reality.
Her memories often brings me to tears,
Only to prove how much she still means to me.

I am taken straightly to the beautiful summer days,
When we used to walk together, hand in hand.
Beneath the light and warmth of the sun rays,
Feeling the waves gently caressing the sand.
And she gently caressed my arms meanwhile,
And she never stopped reaffirming her love.
Then, she would bless me with her smile,
The sweetest thing into this world and even above.

I stare at the very place where we first met
The fragile mermaid princess thrown at my feet
Still catching her breath, her clothes soaking wet,
With the bright light of her eyes, and a smile so sweet.
That love I threw away when it was finally mine,
Blinded by a force impossible to comprehend.
I made the coward’s choice and committed the utmost crime,
Bringing the most sublime love story to a premature end.

Now I look at that spot in the shore with regret,
And foolish hope that my beloved princess is again cast ashore
So that all those years of pain and sorrow I can forget,
When. even for a moment, I can live that love once more.
I wonder if that angel is still amongst the living,
Or if with the ones of her kinship she is reunited.
I wonder if she gave her love to another man, willing,
Or of sorrow and despair from my rejection, she expired.

I know I am a wretched man with a wicked mind,
And you can throw your stones at me for all you care,
A great liar I couldn’t be if I said life had been unkind
I was blessed, yet spit in Lord’s face I dare
For life gave me a benevolent wife and a brave son
I feel loved every day, but instead of happy, it makes me upset
I accept the blame for my own suffering, it was not martyrdom
But the result of a choice that I will always regret.

For love is a force that cannot be fought by reason,
And makes men forget all the other existent things.
Denying that feeling is considered the utmost treason,
They foolishly drown into the illusory happiness passion brings.
The burning passion for my princess caught hold of my soul,
Even to the inexorable erosion by the sands of time it is resilient.
Such a strong feeling in my sanity has taken its toll,
In my mind, the thoughts of my beloved Maia are always present.

Without her, my life is lived unwilling only expecting to meet my demise
However, there is only one question that remains to be
The prospects of an answer is from where my last strands of hope rise.
When she looks through her window and watches the gentle sea
Does she ever think of me?
Does she care for me?
Does she miss me?
Does she still love me?
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