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 Post subject: Regis Philbin retires
PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, '11, 5:30 pm 
Regis Philbin has announced he is retiring from his hit tv morning show "Regis And Kelly". He's been hosting that show for almost 25 years. ... d=12637197

This is sad news. Regis is the true heart and soul of that show, and personally, I can't see it surviving very long without him. I love Kelly, but Regis just "is" that show.

No mention of yet as to who they will get to replace Regis. My guess is that they may try several replacement hosts for a few weeks to see who will have better chemistry with Kelly, etc., like they did when Regis first co-host, Kathy Lee Gifford, left the show about ten years ago, when Kelly tried out as host and won the spot.

I just can't see Regis retiring though. Anyone can look at the article and see what a long history of show business he has had in the entertainment field. Regis has always seemed like one of those people who are not happy unless they are working. I do hope nothing is seriously wrong with his health or anything like that. Who knows, maybe he has another job in the works. I hope so, and wish him well whatever he does in the future. :yes:

Anyone here ever watch the "Live with Regis & Kelly Show"?

 Post subject: Re: Regis Philbin retires
PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, '11, 10:28 pm 
I used to watch it occasionally years ago. I probably haven't seen it in at least five or six years, though. He's certainly been hard at work for a long time, so maybe he's just ready to take it easy for a while. I can't see the show lasting very long without him either, but maybe they'll find a really good replacement.

 Post subject: Re: Regis Philbin retires
PostPosted: Wed Jan 19, '11, 2:37 am 
Oh man, he's an icon of week day morning television. First Bob Barker (Price is Right) and now Regis!? There's not going to be anything or anyone left on week day morning TV that I can remember from my childhood. This is as bad as the networks unanimously removing cartoons from their schedules. Crud, when I was a kid Regis and Kathy Lee were in a competing time slot against Sesame Street on PBS and reruns of The Flinstones on another network. Regis always reminds me of Fred Flinstone because of that... his hair wasn't grey back then you see.

 Post subject: Re: Regis Philbin retires
PostPosted: Sun Jan 23, '11, 1:29 am 
Updating this news on Regis, etc.

There are some stories out now that Regis may have quit the "Live" show because they wanted him to take a pay cut in salary: ... cut-buzz/1

IMHO, The thing you have to keep in mind about this is that Regis is really the one that has made this show what it is today...he's been with the show 25 years...and helped make the show as successfull as it is today (which it probably wouldn't be so successful without him) and with that in mind, I don't think he should have been asked to take a pay cut. I also don't think it's unreasonable of him to refuse one, if that is indeed what happened. Regis may have unknown amount of opportunities to do other things if he is free from "Live", and possibly more chances to make more than he is even making now.

Also, another thing to remember here, If I recall correctly, ABC is owned by Disney. ABC has been making alot of cut backs, etc., in their Soap Opera programs and other things. In that regard, it's not surprising that they would ask others to take salary cuts also. Also not surprising that someone would turn them down.

Ah well, we'll see how it all goes.

 Post subject: Re: Regis Philbin retires
PostPosted: Mon Jan 24, '11, 3:29 am 
I thought that Disney finally axed ABC? The ABC station here went off the air here back in November, or rather the broadcast station switched over to paid programming for several days and then came back as an all country music station, ewww.

 Post subject: Re: Regis Philbin retires
PostPosted: Mon Jan 24, '11, 5:58 pm 
No, ABC is still up and running as part of Disney. They have one or two good shows this season, too. I haven't heard of any other stations dropping ABC lately, so maybe that was just a change in the management of that local station.

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