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PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, '11, 2:44 am 
I recently decided to get caught up on my Game Gear collection, and I'm looking for some good titles. The last three Game Gear games I bought were The Lion King, Robocop vs. The Terminator, and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. I haven't received either game in the mail yet.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, '11, 4:35 am 
Well, I've only played the Sonic games so my opinion sounds a bit biased, but I'd suggest picking up either Sonic Chaos or Triple Trouble since those are the best ones IMO. My brother says Shinobi 2 is pretty good too.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, '11, 4:47 am 
I already have Triple Trouble, and I have the SMS version of Chaos.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, '11, 5:26 am 
If you like Megaman, I just found out there's a GG one. It's rare though, so you'll probably end up spending $40-50.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 15, '11, 12:17 am 
OMG, I have the GG MM game! XD It's an okay game. Nowhere near as good as the classic NES titles though.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 6, '11, 3:30 am 
Shining Force: Sword Of Hajia is my all time favorite GG game.
Defenders Of Oasis is another good RPG.
Dragon Crystal is really good (if you don't have the Master System version.)

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