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PostPosted: Wed Jun 16, '10, 11:40 am 
Okay, ladies and gentlemen of the Fringers, it's time to rate all the guys and gals from the PS series on a scale of 1-10. I'll give my ratings, then feel free to submit your own. And please tell me if I left anyone out. I only played PS3 once, you know. ^^


Odin - Hmm... not exactly my type (big and brawny) but I'll give him a 7 (based off the PS for the Mobile, he looks kinda cute there ^^).
Noah - Too effiminate for my liking, but I'll give him a 7.9.
Myau doesn't count. ><


Rolf: Oh yeah, baby!! Perfect 10 from me! Note that this score is based off his original 1989 sprite. Tanith will agree over here!
Rudo: 6
Hugh: 6.5
Kain: GEN2 version. He looks pretty cool in that design. 7

PS3: There are so many of them! Sheesh, okay, here goes.

Rhys: 6.9
Lyle: 8.9
Wren3: 5.5
Nial: 7.5
Ayn: 7.8
Adan: 8.9
Aron: 6.3
Sean: 6.8
Crys: 7.6
Ryan: 4.9


Chaz: 5.1 Meh... Too childish for my liking.
Hahn: 8.7 Hahn's is very handsome, imo. Saya sure is lucky (or is she? ^^)
Rune: 9.8 The fact that he looks a bit like a girl counts against him from getting a perfect score. RW will be sure to give you a perfect score though, Rune!
Gryz: 3
Wren4: Perfect 10 as well!
Raja: 2

Your turn now. :D

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 Post subject: Re: Rate the PS guys!! ^^
PostPosted: Wed Jun 16, '10, 8:10 pm 
Lutz: 7.3
Odin: 5.2 (prefer Rudo, plus Alis put him in his place in the translation I played :D)

PSII: Ustvestia! You need him!
Ustvestia: I'm giving him a perfectly fine perfect 9. (10 is outrageously overstated, girls! ;)) He's so suave and plays sweet Musik. *_* He is today's winner for the lulz. E-cookies given to him for giving Rolf and the other guys a discount!

Rolf: He isn't bad looking; 8.0!
Rudo: 6.8
Hugh: I never cared for him, personally, and I thought he had the ugliest portrait in the original. Interestingly, I find that out of all the remade characters, he looked the best, though also flamboyant. Comparing the remake and the original, it averages out to an average score of 5.0.
Kain: He gets a not-so-average score of 7.4.
Tyler: Now, there's one hottie with a scar I forgot about. ;) 8.6!

From PSIII: You're missing Lune, Siren, Rulakir... I'd say Orakio, but he's already dead. :p And I thought PSIII had some of the more handsome guys.

Rhys: 8.5 - Loses points for being easily infatuated.
Lyle: 8.7
Wren: I'm not into robots, they're not my type. =( Not rated!
Ayn: 7.1
Siren: See Wren for rating. Plus he has an ugly recolor so even if I did rate him, he would lose points. =((
Nial: 9.5 - Crushin' on him. :D
Ryan: Mysterious! Very mysterious indeed, and I know next to nothing about him. 6.0
Lune: I dislike his in-game portrait, but if I ignore portrait, he's not bad looking. 7.3. *biased*
Sean: Too depressed, but that just makes me wanna give him a hug; 7.2!
Crys: Hello sunshine~ 8.8!
Adan: Portrait killed it for me, along with bright not-tasteful sprite. However, Toyo's artwork for his character is one of the better ones I've seen! But, if we talk game, he's getting a 4.0. Artwork deserves a respectable 7.5.
Aron: 10. Who cares if 10's overrated!? ^_~ He has the most original main character sprite in the game. Luffs~ <3

Chaz: He's over 9000, baby. ;D
Rune: RW's fics made him lovable for me, so he's getting a 8.9.
Wren: See originally original Wren for details.
Hahn: For a Hugh clone, he's a better looking one. 5.9.
Raja: I can't rate him properly, so that's unfair.
Grys: Same deal as Raja, but he reminds me of some kinda teddy bear. :D
Zio: No Zio? 6.4.

Lyla2284 wrote:Rune: 9.8 The fact that he looks a bit like a girl counts against him from getting a perfect score. RW will be sure to give you a perfect score though, Rune!
I thought he was pretty masculine, even with the ponytail. Lutz, I can see being more effeminate because of his design, but I don't see that with Rune. Btw, I hope that's not a stab at RW.

 Post subject: Re: Rate the PS guys!! ^^
PostPosted: Wed Jun 16, '10, 8:16 pm 
How on earth could I have forgotten Zio... ><! He gets a spanking 9.1 from me! I'm really into these tall, dark and handsome bad guys. :D

I knew you were a Chaz fangirl, Tsu. ^^ And the only one, probably. :D

 Post subject: Re: Rate the PS guys!! ^^
PostPosted: Wed Jun 16, '10, 8:33 pm 
Lyla2284 wrote:I knew you were a Chaz fangirl, Tsu. ^^ And the only one, probably. :D
Nah, it was a silly rating to give (with a reference to boot! cookies for anyone who gets its ridiculousness!). I'm not a fangirl so much as I simply like his character as much as I'd like Wren or Raja. I hope that clarifies. :p

 Post subject: Re: Rate the PS guys!! ^^
PostPosted: Wed Jun 16, '10, 8:44 pm 
Yeah, I thought that rating was a little far-fetched. :D I'm going to send you something via a PM, a little peace offering of our earlier conflicts on my game topic. ^^

 Post subject: Re: Rate the PS guys!! ^^
PostPosted: Thu Jun 17, '10, 4:16 am 
Lutz: 5. Are we rating for looks alone? I don't find Lutz very good looking in any of the games except the mobile game. I'd rate his mobile version extremely high, like an 8 or 9. For smarts, he gets rated an 8 or 9 as well, in any game.
Odin: 6. The thing is, letting a no-thumbed cat hold a bottle of medicine crucial to him not turning to stone shows that, perhaps, he's lacking a little brains. But he does seem sweet to want to join Alis's quest to honor her brother's dying request. Or maybe that's more stupidity. He's cuter in the gen1 version and positively HOT in mobile version. Mobile version gets an 8-9 for me.

Ustvestia: Hehehe, Tsunami, you crack me up! I'll give ol' Ustie a 3, though. He was full of himself and I'm not into his style. Would that be considered "Oputan-hipster"? :D
Rolf: 9. I'm not sure I can give any character a 10, but Rolf would be the closest. :wink:
Rudo: *sigh* Here's my dilemma. All of the official Sega artwork for Rudo leaves a lot to be desired. So for looks he gets a 6, maybe a 7. His character gets a 9.
Hugh: 5
Kain: 8. Um, I really like Kain. Does that make me crazy? It's that smirk!
Tyler: 9. Hot. Plus, he's a pirate and he has a spaceship. I'll be honest and admit that a nice ride can influence me. :wink:
The Commander: 6. He's pretty good looking for an old guy. He gets bonus points for staying on Rolf's side after Rolf is wanted by the government.

Rhys: 6. Never cared for the way he looked in his portrait. He looks way older than a teenager, and that's concerning.
Lyle: 8. Love the smirk and the sense of adventure.
Wren: I can't rate, either. Not my species, even though he looks somewhat like a human male.
Ayn: 7
Siren: Agree with Tsu. Can't rate robots, and the recolor is ugly. Plus, he looks like he's, um, well endowed. :?
Nial: 8
Ryan: 5
Lune: 7
Sean: 6
Crys: 9. I swear, if it wasn't a medieval setting, Crys would be the rock star of PSIII. All bad attitude and slightly crazy. He was tamer in the game, but Toyo Ozaki's artwork has him looking all fierce. Me likes. ;)
Adan: 5
Aron: 7
Rulakir I'll rate the dead guys, anyway. :wink: In the game Rulakir is at most a 3. Toyo Ozaki's artwork puts him at an 8.
Orakio Game artwork: 8. Ozaki green hair: 7.

Chaz: 6. He'd be a bit higher except I really don't like his hair style (petty, I know).
Rune: 8. It's his attitude I like best, though.
Wren: N/A
Hahn: 7
Raja: N/A
Gryz: N/A
Zio: 3. Not into evil, even if it's packaged nicely.

 Post subject: Re: Rate the PS guys!! ^^
PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, '10, 9:50 pm 
Hmm... I seem to be the first guy to post here. Well, that's an even better chance to look at the girls of PS... (Or would that be... wrong?) I'll give all the ratings based on the original artwork.


Alis - There are quite different depictions of her, but based on the original SMS artwork, I'll give her a 7.


Nei - Definitely worth an 8.4.
Amy - That innocent look nets her a 7.5.
Anna - My fave from PS2. Nice body, but the mysterious look in her eyes is just the best. 8.8
Shir - I'm not falling for thieves, but she'll still get a 7.

Alys - Well, she seems to be based on Anna, but she just lacks the mysterious look (and doesn't use whips 8)) so I'll rate her 7.8.
Rika - Ripoff of Nei, doesn't match the original. 7.2.
Demi - Waaay too short. Otherwise she's cute. 7.
Kyra - I don't care if she's a tomboy, she's pretty. 8.4.

*feels uncomfortable in the silence*

PostPosted: Thu Jun 24, '10, 8:44 am 
No, you don't have to feel awkward, Solar. The guys can vote for the PS gals as well now. :D

PostPosted: Thu Jun 24, '10, 8:54 am 
Thanks. :D

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