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PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, '12, 1:30 am 
What can I say about Capcom? I used to be a fan of theirs, but ever since 2011, they've been making alot of bad business decisions, and they've been treating their fans like garbage. Really sad. So I consider the Capcom I used to know dead. They cancel Megaman Universe, they cancel Megaman Legends 3 and blame the fans for it being cancelled (not to mention Keiji Inafune wanted to continue the project, and they wouldn't let him), they release an update of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 only 9 months after the original game came out with a bunch of stuff that should've been DLC instead of a new physical game disc, they sold Devil May Cry to Ninja Theory, it's sad like I said. So, I put together a tribute video to the Capcom of yesteryear for everyone to remember that they didn't use to be as bad as they are today and used to make quality titles. I'm aware that I left out several important titles, but you can only fit so many games into a 3 minute video.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, '12, 3:04 am 
Quite the touching video. I agree that Capcom has become one of the worst game companies in the world. Capcom has been dead to me since they decided it would be a good idea to remove the erase file option in their games, it might not be a big deal to some people, but it is to me.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, '12, 4:08 am 
Yeah, I heard about that. The only game I've heard of that has it though is Resident Evil Mercenaries, which I haven't played. (lost interest in RE around 2003/2004)

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, '12, 3:20 pm 
Lost interest in Resident Evil ? You didn't like the 4th and 5th opus ? Me I was totally brought ionto and find them great ! But I can understand about being decieved..
And It's true that Capcom isn't what it used to be ... :(

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