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PostPosted: Sun Mar 6, '11, 12:15 am
Part I: Quincy's Origin

The young prince set aside his royal garments and picked up his "comfort clothes."

Searren waited for him outside; today Quincy de Lashute was going to wrestle a giant.

It all started with a weekly visit to Hazatak.

"Quincy, don't do anything disgracing," Mieu warned, "I'm tired of apologizing to everyone in this town for your constant trouble making."

Quincy laughed, "Mieu, you worry too much! I won't do anything unnecessary."


"Where's Searren?"

The Mieu-type looked toward the town gates. "I think he's out in the desert."

The Searren type sat at the airport and gazed up at the sky. Seconds passed by, then he shot at the air.

A rappy came crashing down.

"I clipped the wing... not good enough. My aim needs improving." Searren looked up again, aiming for another rappy.

Quincy found him there, asking, "Watcha doin', Searren?"
The cyborg replied, "Perfecting my aim."

"Can I join?" Quincy grabbed a stone, and threw it at the sky. In less than a second, the stone returned to the ground.

Searren gazed at the stone meditatively and muttered, "You have to throw harder."


Searren stood up and picked up the stone. Making sure that the young prince was watching, he stretched his right arm backward and pitched hard. The stone flew into the distance. Quincy stared in the stone's path with wide eyes.


For the rest of that afternoon, the cyborg and the prince of Lashute practiced pitching.

Weeks following, Quincy and Searren spent their afternoons together, every day working to improve something.

The day after the stone incident, Searren taught Quincy to improve his speed. They roamed the desert of Aridia with weights. Searren stopped into Hazatak to equip himself with heavy armor. Quincy planted himself in the armor shop and gazed as Searren piled his torso, head, arms, and legs with metals crafted for an Arachnidbot -- a cyborg four times his size.

When the cyborg was ready, he looked over the counter for heavy armor for Quincy.

"I want what you have," Quincy suggested.

"It's too heavy."

" I can handle it."

"Prince, I use this to challenge my strength, and I can support up to six times the mass you can support."

"I want what you have," the prince protested.

Reluctantly, Searren surrendered. He gave Quincy his * as an initiation. The second the plate fell on Quincy's arms, it sunk to the ground. The young prince stuggled to lift it.

"Let that be it for today," Searren said.
Quincy did not argue.

Quincy and Searren spent so much time in Aridia that the prince purchased the clothes of the natives. His elegant princely garments became a black vest, black hat, loose fitting pants, cuffs, and flat shoes. His weapon of choice became throwing knives instead of the expected prince's weapon, the sword. Instead of wearing armor, Quincy learned to be lithe and evasive. The only sign of his princehood was the cape that he wore, bound by an emerald.

As Quincy prepared to embark on another training day with Searren, his father entered his room.

"Quincy," he said, "Your mother is afraid that you'll abandon your princely ways."

"I might," Quincy said, "Being a prince is boring."

"I understand," his father replied, "Just remember that Lachute will be yours one day. Go on as you are; but don't forget your duty to your kingdom."


Quincy and Searren departed for Hazatak. As they made their way over to the nearest Laia's Palace, Quincy looked up toward Dahlia. Something exciting needs to happen, he thought to himself.

A shooting star fell as he caught up to his cyborg companion.

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