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PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, '10, 1:52 pm 
I believe you. I've not played it yet, but from what I heard and read, Valkyria Chronicles seems really like a god-send series from Sega, one that we could not even think possible from them at this current generation. So yes, I may have to go try Valkyria Chronicles soon (the first one in particular...but the second too while I'm at it), because it seems to be one of the last good quality series that Sega is producing (maybe Yakuza too, I don't know for that one). Thanks for reminding me that suggestion.

But back to the point, if what you say is true, give the development of a new Phantasy Star title to that team. I'm really tired of Sonic Team efforts on the series

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, '10, 8:55 pm 
XXXG-00W0 WING-0 wrote:Well, the game is now confirmed for PC. What's everyone's take on that? Personally, I hate it. My PC is a wimp when it comes to 3D graphics and I don't like it for games. I would rather have a PS3 version with free online and both free and commercial DLC.

I feel mostly the same. I really don't want to upgrade my PC again just for a game I may not even enjoy. A console version would be much preferable. Personally, I'd think Xbox would be more likely than PS3, simply because there's an existing structure for PS Universe there. Ideally, the game would be on both of those consoles and PC too, with interaction among all three groups.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, '10, 9:34 pm 
Well, I'm sure my computer could handle t, but depending on the price and when it comes out, I may or may not play it. :|

PostPosted: Tue Oct 5, '10, 11:15 pm 
Interaction between a Sony and Microsoft polarized community would never exist in the real world. First, because of the competition between said companies. Second... Well, you know how fanboys in each side are... I for one am glad I don't have to deal with Microsoft fanboys and have become quite proficient at avoiding the Sony ones as I am a Playstation user.

And regarding handing the development of a Phantasy Star game to the team responsible for Valkyria Chronciles... I'm not too sure I'd like that. While a new game in the classic series would definitely be interesting, Valkyria Chronicles is a series that is slowly, but surely gaining further acceptation and building its own fanbase. Tampering with that development could probably break it, and we all know how Sega manages its flagship IPs.

If ANYTHING, what Sega should do is form a new team with both veteran and rookie developers, have them study the classic PS series and tell them "Build something new with those as your foundations".

PostPosted: Wed Oct 6, '10, 12:39 am 
Those are good points. I didn't consider the eventual flaming between the Sony and MS supporters.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, '10, 6:21 am 
I wonder if this game will have offline play much like that of the old Phantasy Star Online and Universe. Maybe there would be a PS3/360/Wii version besides the PC you could get so you could have some offline time to play.

Don't get me wrong I enjoy online play so I can play with friends such as Atlin and Tsunami, but sometimes you just want to get on a game without someone messaging you "Can I join your party. I need levels please"

I like helping people but every once in awhile you just wanna go solo so I kinda hope this has a built in offline mode.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 7, '10, 4:45 am 
Please, Sega. I beg of you, stop it with the online Phantasy Star games. You're almost as bad as Square-Enix when it comes to managing your online games.

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