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PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, '12, 1:30 pm 
Folks! My buddy and I recorded a one-off retrospective podcast to celebrate the 10th anniversary of PSO's release (which passed in December in Japan, January in America, and February in Europe). We cover the history of the original series, the introduction of PSO itself, and where Sega took the games after that. We recorded this during my friend's visit to Japan over the Summer, before PSO2 was announced. But it's still good!

You can read more about and download the thing at Crunk Games.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 3, '13, 12:41 pm 
like many things recently, I've missed that Podcast ! I've downloaded it and I'll listen to it as soon as possible (and try to understand it because english isn't my mother tongue ! ;) ).
But I've listened to the beginning and I can understand all ! ;)
Great presentation and great "cover" : the drawing is excellent and the text presentation is great too !
Even if I've abandoned PSO for a long time, that's always great to be able to heard about it again :) Nice work !

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