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 Post subject: PSIV Sountrack - Comments
PostPosted: Sat Aug 21, '10, 4:22 pm 
I had to go into work today so I decided to spend my programming time listening to the PSIV soundtrack (well, kind of) in its many variations at VGMUSIC.COM. Although the quality of a MIDI is obviously not the same as what we hear in the game itself, I think hearing two or three remixes of the each theme is enough to be able to comment on the score as a whole.

I found the music to be pretty easy to listen, if a bit generic. A lot of it has a bit of generic techno-esque sound to it, and while never grating, doesn't stick in the head for long after listening to it. The best tracks I've heard so far are:

- Laughter
- Close of the Age/End of the Millenium - I'll point out that the version I like is a remix called Midnight Dance (the original beat is less inspiring)
- Her Last Breath
- Cave
- Ooze
- Air Castle
- Organic Beat
- Requiem for Lutz
- Thray

Some of the other pieces (Fal, Motavia Town, Dezolis Field, Abyss, Landale, Driving, Bio-Plant, Boss, Behind the Circuit) are okay-but-unmemorable or just not that great.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 21, '10, 6:17 pm 
Well, I'm generally not a HUGE remix person, but I found the PSIV soundtrack itself to generally be pretty good. Some tunes are entirely forgettable of course and others are very good. However, having gotten used to the fact that Earthbound has a large number of different battle tunes (some good, some bad, but plenty of variety), PSIV's single main battle tune (excluding boss music) leaves a LOT to be desired. However, for me, I often care more about the music for games fitting more than it being 'good' or not. Sometimes music that is 'good' I often don't like it within the game if it doesn't fit. PSIV thankfully does not suffer this problem frequently. In fact, I can't think of any incident of this within the game.

However, the music for the various shops can go dive under a tractor. I NEVER liked that music. >_<

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