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PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, '10, 1:38 pm 
There is an important consideration that will most likely help this discussion. People commonly exchange medieval for feudal and vice-versa, but if we look closer, all PS games show worlds in a feudal state, though only PSIII has a medieval setting.

In all PS, people are gathered inside the cities' walls for protection, there is no transportation (either it was forbidden or not implemented for safety reasons) and no trading. In PSII there is teleport, but even so there is no one living outside the major cities and both space traveling and navigation is not being done.
So, with all the technology, the PS world is a feudal system. This make the theory of Orakians using the technology to manufacture robots in accordance to PS world.

There is another point: in PSII, almost nobody worked (you see people saying "Why should I work for a living?") because the automatic systems were so developed that they could run themselves without human interference. PSIII society was originated by PSII palmians, PSIII early setting would be like in PSII. Despite the medieval setting, there are still some systems working (satellites, weather control, the ship itself) and people taking care of them (Wren, the pilots, Siren, etc). Even if the technology is not shown like in PSII, it is still there. So there is no impediment to the theory that the cyborg (incorrect term, by the way, they are technically androids) were still being manufactured the same old way.

As for the monsters, well, monsters always appeared out of nowhere in PS worlds. By the way, most of the monsters in all PS games are either wild animals or humanoids, so they may have many different origins. Monsters in PSI may be just wild animals, genetically engineered wild animals (either by magic or by systems, the last case being operated the same way the cyborg-making systems), evil people and supernatural, the last being made by Dark Force. All the possibilities in accordance to other PS games, so with PS world.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 22, '10, 3:46 am 
I believe that Azura was once used as a robot factory. During Ayn's quest there is a reference to robots pouring out through a cave in that direction. Lune's army has many of the cave entrances blocked and as such there are no robots the western domes during Nial's quest. I think that reinforces the idea that all the robots were either being built in Azura or imprisoned there after the Devastation War.

As for the monsters... I assume they were native life from Palma that evolved into the creatures of PSIII. Many of which may have been intentionally bred by Orakians for their fighting skills.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, '12, 10:56 pm 
I think it's possible that most of the bio monsters and cyborgs were remnants from the Devastation Wars. Perhaps Lune and Siren were sealed on there respective moons with a garrison or two left. Also there may have been a left over factories churning out monster/cyborgs that could have been reactivated once Lune/Siren was released from banishment. There is also the possibility that the biomonsters left from the war breeded and turned out future generations of monsters.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, '12, 1:12 am 
Mieu: My Prince! We have to be more careful when we destroy these combat robots!
Sean: (is hacking a Globe to pieces) Say what?
Mieu: If these robot parts are in perfect shape, we can sell them on eBaya!
Laya: Ooh, I love eBaya! That's where I bought my forehead jewel. ^_^
Sean: (the Globe starts firing on him as he's delivering a coup de grace)
Kara: What do you want us to do, Mieu?! Brain the robots with a fridge magnet when they come ready to kill us?
Mieu: That's a start.... My Prince, Princess Kara is being mean to me! ;_;
Sean: (still hacking apart that Globe while it's shooting him) Rasalmothal slippin' rippin' dang fang rotten zarg barg a ding dong no-good ruttin' muttin manah-manah @%*& #$*&@ *%&@#$!!!

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