PSIII-MR2 : Phantasy Star III Hard Mode

Increase the difficulty of Phantasy Star III with this patch by al! It includes the following game changes:
  • Most enemies have +50% Attack, Defense and HP. They now give out double HP and TP. Bosses should be even harder now.
  • Gwyn's tech-glitch is fixed (her tech levels won't stay stuck at 7, they go up like Laya's).
  • Princess-type Kara I is now "kara". Mean, tom-boy Kara II is now "KARA".
  • Lena has level up stats like Rhys, making her more powerful.
  • A few script changes very early in the game.
  • Two enemies in Lashute replaced (one upstairs, one downstairs).
  • Star Mist and Moon Dew are less than half price.
This patch is recommended for use with the Gens emulator. It may crash the "SEGA" screen; save states are included to bypass this.

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