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 Post subject: Re: PSIII Castle Question
PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, '17, 6:12 pm 
Lensol Castle is inhabited in the paths of Nial's children, but strangely, not for Ayn's children. A women in a yellow gown there informs you of Rulakir, Orakio's twin brother. The king there tells you off an eastern cave of monsters and cyborgs, and says there is something beyond the cave. A guard there says he saw a dragon take a woman from the castle, and that he managed to leave a scar on the dragons cheek...

...sounds fimilar, right? Yep, since there was no Ayn, Lyle went off to rescue Thea and defeat Siren by himself. Cool guy, huh? And in Sean's path, it's implied that Sari fended off Lune by herself too! As for Crys' path, hmm... I guess it was up to Ryan to fend off Lune?

As for Mystoke castle, I think it was likely built solely to house Laya's Pendant. I don't think having a throne room cut off by a dungeon would be feasible for a monarchy.

Divisia castle is indeed habited, no matter the path. Infact, it's probably the most noticeable castle aside from Landen Castle.

I don't think Techna has a monarchy, because when a kid NPC says cyborgs took over the castle, nobody mentioned a king or queen, so possibly the town has a council or something, having moved on from a monarchy.

It's interesting in the game how you only hear about some stuff you see in other paths. Interestingly, Aerone on the overworld is shown to be castle town, despite the fact it isn't. Since it significantly holds a lot of ship pilots, perhaps it was to show how significant the place is. Also, in case you're curious, the 2nd throne in Lensol isn't used.

@Snorb: I think Azura is only destroyed in Sean's path, in fact, at the start of Crys' path, a guard says "a messenger from Azura", because Dark Force has no reason to attack there in other paths because no descendant of Orakio lives there.

 Post subject: Re: PSIII Castle Question
PostPosted: Sat Aug 26, '17, 1:43 pm 
The fact that Alair admitted that the Layans destroyed Satera is indeed truly very Interesting and I didn't know at all about it ! I was unable to remember it in fact ! ;)

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