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PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, '11, 2:06 am 
Thoul wrote:Yeah. :lol: I kind of wonder how long that fight could really be dragged out. The supply of healing is so limited at that point. It would be hard to stock up on monomates unless someone did a lot of grinding before the boss and there's not a lot of TP for Res. The fight might be forced to end by taking damage.

Not really, as long you keep killing the spawns in 1 round, it will just spawn another and never attack. You really shouldn't take any damage in this fight.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, '12, 9:16 am 
Fogeltje wrote:I just found out something funny. There is a maximum amount of XP you can earn in a battle, 65535.

I wanted to post it a long time ago because this 65535 number is VERY funny because...because what ? It'll reminds you another number in Phantasy Star but... which one ?
It's a little game : try to find it ok ? If nobody finds it I'll give you the answer with a photo to check it ok ? Stay tuned ! (teasing is fun !!;)).

PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, '12, 9:45 pm 
It's a common number in 8 and 16 bit games because it's the max 4 digit number in hex. FFFF=65535. Just like the max 2 digit code FF=255, another max that pops up in game quite a bit. Just off the top of my head I know it's max gold and exp in PSI


PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, '12, 10:05 pm 
Good answer from Wanderer from Ys ! All is perfect and that's the good answer ! I also had a photo in stock to show this but you made it already so I'll only say : BRAVO !!
Just a question about this photo : where did it come from ? Only one character, Alisa, at the max level ??? ^^

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, '12, 10:28 pm 
I took it from Phantasy Star curiosities. I thought they might have a screen shot, because they investigate whether is possible to actually buy Myau for the 1 billion meseta and keep the Laconia pot you don't have to retrieve it later. Which is it's obviously not, since you can only get 65535 meseta.

If you've never been there, it's a really interesting site. As for the screen shot, I assume they hacked it.


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PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, '12, 10:46 am 
Hacked maybe, yes. Otherwise they'd need a lot and a lot and a real lot of patience. In my original play which is still saved on my cartridge all my character are maxed out in XP and MES. The results of wandering around Algo and not knowing how to continue and investigating every millimeter over and over again until I found what was missing.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, '12, 10:08 am 
I know the Phantasy Star Curiosities site ! I have printed all the curiosities but never really read them so I'll do it soon :)
But thanks for the link. Sure they hacked it.

FOGELTJE : So maybe they just try to keep Alisa alone and tried to raise her levels ? Why not ! But this need really a LOT of patience and a lot of time ! Imagine the barriers "against" that ? So no Myau and Odin and so much !!

Fogeltje, that could be too an interesting "hard play" to test ! Afetr your try not to find the hovercraft (if I'm not mistaken).
About your saved game (still saved on your cartridge ? Was it the original one ? me too I still have it but can't remember which saved sessions I have on it : need to check :)) do you remember where you were stuck ?

PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, '12, 11:24 am 
My original cartridge contains my first game ever. I used to rent it at a video store and the save endured the ages as apparently no one else rented it. When they started selling their old SEGA games I bought it right away. I was stuck because I couldn't find the Hovercraft ( ;) ) and hadn't figured out what those weird things in the dungeons were (the pit traps). I was level 30 before I figured all that out. Mind you, I could have finished without the Hovercraft (I had meticiously written down EVERY hint in the game but for some reason never made the second choice with the Hovercraft guy in Casba) as I had a landrover, I just would miss a few items. Then I get stuck in the final dungeon until I started checking the side of the walls and found the door. And I'm really not in the mood to try a game with just one character ;)

PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, '12, 1:13 pm 
Ah excellent ! I love the fact that it was your original and "Phirst" phantasy Star (the original) game ! And more that it was a game you rented first, and then acquired ! I love it !
Oh the hovercraft is SO easy to find ! lol (at the time being, due to the age, etc..and the game was really hard to master...)
*ah to forget to do the second choice in Casba about the hovercraft is noted all the people were saying ? With my two brothers I think we made the same but I haven't keep all those papers unfortunately...:(
Ah the pit traps ! One of the most stressing experience I ever had in video games : terrific how a simple trap can make you jump !lol
If I can reassure you : me the same about trying to finish a game with only one charracter ! ('evenif this character is one of the best ever created in a video game ^^)

PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, '12, 6:35 pm 
I looked around that site again, I noticed that all of the screen shots have maxed out characters, so it's definately hacked. Their goal is to explore glitches, so it probably makes it easier. Especially in this case where they would've had to level up at the beginning of the game.

myau56 wrote:FOGELTJE : So maybe they just try to keep Alisa alone and tried to raise her levels ? Why not ! But this need really a LOT of patience and a lot of time ! Imagine the barriers "against" that ? So no Myau and Odin and so much !!

I don't think the game can be completed that way. No Myau means no, no Odin, which means no compass, no access to eppi, and no Dungeon Key. So already the game cannot progress. I forget exactly why Noah is needed, but I think that the game won't allow you to find the passage to Gothic until he is in your party.

Of course there may be a way around this. You could probably just collect the characters and kill them off. I personally think the game is too difficult to complete with a limited party, and I don't think you get more exp for less characters.

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