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 Post subject: PSII - Did they make it?
PostPosted: Thu Jul 5, '07, 11:23 pm 
What do you think happened to Rolf and friends after the end of Phantasy Star II? Did they make it out alive, were they all killed, or something else entirely?

PostPosted: Thu Jul 5, '07, 11:55 pm 
They made it back. My reasoning is: 1. The Aero Prism is back on Motavia in PSIV... so how did it get back there unless someone brought it back from Noah? 2. The Earthmen: if Rolf lost to them, then they would have still been around wreaking havoc afterward. Of course, this sums it up the best IMO:

I attribute the sad music at the end, and the final lines of dialogue to be a focus on the difficult future ahead for the people of Algo.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 6, '07, 3:27 pm 
I've read that theory before. I can't say that anything looks off in it, but then again, I'm no expert on PSII. :lol:

When I had finally finished PSII, the first thing that came to mind was that they probably had all died in the end. The whole setting, to me, strongly suggested it. If they had survived, then wouldn't they have been blamed for Mother Brain's destruction? Possibly even punished for the downfall of their technology? Maybe, in the end, they did survive the many many earthmen and returned to Dezo (Dezolis, Dezoris? ...confusing translations, sticking with Dezo for short) to give Lutz the Aero Prism before returning to Motavia and were, sad to say, executed. Lutz from there could've taken the Aero Prism to Motavia and kept it at Soldier's Temple, then returned to Dezo to lead the Espers.

Either way, I don't see anyone surviving in the end. Just my two cents on the matter. :2c:

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 6, '07, 7:51 pm 
How many people on Motavia would know who was responsible for the destruction of Mother Brain though? They wouldn't know what exactly happened just that she went off-line.

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 7, '07, 12:30 am 
Shinuzzo wrote:How many people on Motavia would know who was responsible for the destruction of Mother Brain though? They wouldn't know what exactly happened just that she went off-line.

I agree. Considering there is a complete system shutdown of Mother Brain and that we're told that no one works in this society, I'd imagine it would be pure chaos when Rolf destroyed the super computer. These people that have lolled around without a purpose for their entire lives are suddenly required to go back to a time when they will have to grow their own food. I doubt they'd have time to figure out why Mother Brain went down. Besides, in PSIV, we're told that the Great Collapse occurs a couple of years later when part of Palma hits the planet, causing widespread devastation. That would pretty much cripple Motavia.

I digress, doesn't the PS Compendium tells us Rolf won against the Earthmen, but not what happens afterward? I don't see why if Rolf won that battle that Lutz wouldn't teleport him and his companions back to Dezoris again and they'd live out their lives in some manner.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 7, '07, 6:51 pm 
I doubt that the entire party would have survived the fight with the Earthmen. I believe at least few of them made it out, but I wouldn't believe a story that didn't have someone in the group dying there unless the Earthmen were really, really weak. The sheer numbers alone should be enough to overpower someone.

Quote:How many people on Motavia would know who was responsible for the destruction of Mother Brain though? They wouldn't know what exactly happened just that she went off-line.

Rolf and his group were publicly announced as criminals responsible for damaging Mother Brain during the game. Some of the NPCs begin to avoid them and blame them for that, even before the dams, if I remember right. The ruling authority on Motavia (the Commander) seems to know better, but the general populace could easily make the leap to blaming Rolf for Mother Brain's shut down. If they went back to Motavia, Rolf and friends would probably have to avoid a few lynch mobs.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 8, '07, 3:53 am 
I like to think they all made it back and returned to Motavia to help out with the chaos that would be spreading there without Mother Brain. I imagine some of them were wiped out when the pieces of Palma hit, though. Judging by the PSIV map, I think Paseo was flooded; that would have wiped out what little government remained.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, '08, 10:19 pm 
[face=Verdana]I like to think they all made it back too but... the aeroprism justification for their salvation could also be the justification for their deaths.

We know that Lutz returned to Motabia and performed the following tasks:
1) Lent the Neiclaw* to a man in the village of [don't remember the name, but were ascendant’s of Oldman Roy] to keep it until he would return to get it back (witch he never came in 996 years, at least until 2282AW) - that claw was for nei but since she died before get it - that was no use.** [they don't directly say it's him... but if is someone else certainly would be Rolf and the rest of the following idea will be totaly incorrect]
2) Rose an island from 1st seal's meteorite and created a tomb... a temple in great homage of the fallen protectors... the Soldiers Temple where he placed the Aeroprism (which they are protecting until the new ones come for it)
3) Built the Ladea Tower or if it already existed at that time, store the psycowand in there and seal it with an Esper Barrier

My guess is that when the soldiers scarified themselves Lutz went alone to noah and saw everyone dead, including earthman. He then looked for Rolf and took the aeroprism and ... neisword (we never eared about the other nei items so I'm assuming he left them there before noah exploded).

Lutz was so frustrated with his "friends" dead that he never again slept in cryogenic. Sleeping was no good to algo at all so this time he would be awake and passed his memories through a teleball -- to watch over all algo in presence (and not at distance like he did in PS2).

- Of course I can say many of PS4 characters seems like descents of Rolf party to me but I still need to think about how did their descendents (all but kyra) manage to leave dezo to motavia over the years.
- You can say that Soldier's temple already existed too but in that case the aeroprism in PS2 should have been there... or maybe not since this will be the first time there would be no more lutz (only in teleball) so it was a good idea to keep those objects safe (in any case there was no point to soldier's temple to exist since it wasn't keep/guarding anything.

* I believe to be the what Myau called "the silver fang"
** Interesting that the only nei weapons not hidden in dungeons were weapons already taken in PS1

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, '08, 12:07 am 
If ever there's an RPG that would produce an awesome epilogue it's PSII. There are so many potential story lines either way. It's so tempting to download RPG Maker and put my own theory into action (too many projects already though :()

Anywho, I personally believe the party survived. They may have been horribly outnumbered but they possessed an incredible arsenal of weaponry and techniques. After winning I think a second rescue from Tyler is not out of order, at least I can't come up with a better way for them to get off the ship. From there, well, I've always wondered if Rolf felt betrayed by Lutz, like he was sent on a suicide mission. The story I've been batting around, but never committed to writing, starts around there.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, '08, 5:18 am 
They had to come back- Rolf and the others have Techniques (not limited to Megid, Na Sar, Rever, Na Zan, Sa Vol, Shift, and Na Gra), the Nei Equipment, as many Trimates/Moon Dews/Star Mists as they could carry (just in case Amy gets dropped), and the Nei Sword can just bring the whole group back to Esper Mansion. (Never thought about Tyler dropping by for another extraction, Thoul!)

With the government on Palma blasted into their component particles thanks to Gaira, that most likely leaves the Commander-General of Motavia in charge (he seems to be the only authority figure actually seen in the game), and even if he isn't in charge of Algo, he probably has the authority to draft seven pardons (or eight, depending on which PSGen2 playthrough you're on).

Then again, the town of Tyler in PSIV was named after Captain Tyler... hrrm. The post PSII is confusing.

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