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PostPosted: Sat Jul 24, '10, 5:07 am 
After finishing the two PS remakes, I decided to give a try to Phantasy Star Gaiden,which I never finished in the past. I wasn't expecting much at all.

Anyway, I was doing two playthrough at the same time. One on emulator on my computer with the fan translation to figure out what to do, and then I was doing the same thing on the Playstation 2 Phantasy Star Complete Collection in Japanese, because I wanted on official save on console.

Anyway, as expected, this game was Dragon Quest at its purest. Random Encouter almost every two steps, grind to buy weapons, basic RPG standard and basic graphics too. The only cool thing in it is when you finally get Alis, and Dalos (Lars in the fan translation) transform himself into a vehicle so you can blaze through the world.. The last boss was very stupid in its design. I don't know, it reminded me something from Dragon Ball...

I did my two playthrough the very same day, so this game is very VERY short. You get the world map really soon, and you'll discover that the world you explored before getting it is already half of it, and the only thing stopping your progression are the stronger ennemies pass a certain point, else you could blaze through everything in 2-3 hours. And overall didnt feel like a Phantasy Star at all...more like another random RPG which we tackle the name Phantasy Star and a few element at the end of it. But even with all that, I guess I did find a little enjoyment in it, as I like traditional RPG, and their formula of methodic grinding, to get all the best equipement and then proceed to the next town.

So what was your own experience of Phantasy Star Gaiden???

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, '10, 9:03 am 
I've actually never played Gaiden yet, because I've heard so much about it being of a lower quality. If it's that short, I may try to play it one day soon, however. I really need to get some more info about it up on the site, after all.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 3, '12, 11:42 pm 
This game has recently peeked my interest. I am going to play this son after completing PS1 on my android emulator.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 4, '12, 9:57 am 
I started to play it some weeks ago (as I did with Phantasy Star adventure : yes I'm a fool !! But not so bad, even if the game isn't very entertaining...;))
but I need to continue : it's true that the foes encounter rate is very high...too high but we need to be stronger :)

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