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PS2 fanart - "We meet again Rolf."

PS2 fanart - "We meet again Rolf."

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 2, '10, 7:55 pm 
I drew this one last night just to have something to do and to make up for the fact that the last version of this turned out badly.

Anyway, a few changes were added. I drew her head at a 3/4 view for one (Yes I CAN draw front view, I just didn't feel like it this time) and added the more obvious stuff you can see. What I found funny is that you can't see her ears in the original portrait and I can't see any hair that would be blocking it. It's as if they forgot to add them. Anyway, I fixed that here by adding some more hair. I mean, why not? :D

Anyway, it's probably my quickest drawing so far at just over an hour. :) So I'm either getting the hang of things or this is a terrible drawing.

Oh and the hair was kind of experimental. I didn't seem to have the right colours for the job. Though that said, this seems to have done so far. I know I'd probably change plenty about it, looking at it now.

Anyways, enjoy. :)

PostPosted: Sat Oct 2, '10, 8:37 pm 
I think her eyes are too high up. I also don't like her eyes being closed like that (because they are her prettiest feature), but that's a matter of taste. On another observation, her neck seems unnaturally thin.

The shading and coloring are good as always, though, so not a bad job.

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 2, '10, 10:26 pm 
Yeah the eyes are probably just a little too high. I forget that drawing closed eyes means they tend to be lower down. But that's my bad. As I said though, this was drawn quickly by my standards.
As for them being closed, well that was one of the main points of the picture so nyah-ha! :p Closed eyes = more cuteness.

And on that note, I actually feel tempted to draw this again just to iron out the creases. If you'd seen the first attempt you'd understand. I'll maybe upload it when the third one is done.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 2, '10, 11:42 pm 
Good drawing with the same reservation as Solar.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 3, '10, 10:01 pm 
Great drawing. Although, I like open eyes better also. I think I read or heard somewhere that eyes are the heart, or pathway, of the soul or something like that. There's so much you can tell from someone by looking at their eyes. Somehow, though, this way works also in this pic and gives the drawing that special touch. :clap:

PostPosted: Mon Oct 4, '10, 8:25 pm 
I've gone and redrawn this one again, only with some minor changes and fixes. I'm going to colour it later and try getting a decent upload. I might just photograph it this time.
Then I'll see about getting started on one of these requests of mine. :D I plan to have at least 1 done this week. I've also prepared some old lineart for some practice CG colouring.

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