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PostPosted: Wed May 20, '09, 2:04 am 
Personally I also prefer the English names

PostPosted: Wed May 20, '09, 3:41 am 
For me, it honestly depends on the game. :D For PS1 I tend to go with the Japanese names, PS2 is usually the US names (though I'm actually partial to using Eusis and Shilka instead of Rolf and Shir), PS3 is always the US names because I can never remember the Japanese ones, and PS4 is definitely the US names... though I still wish they'd kept Alys as "Lyla". *shrugs*

PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, '09, 6:03 am 
Rune_Walsh wrote:What do you all think of the changing of names SEGA decided to go with? For instance, Rune's real name was Thray, Alys' real name Lyla. I had no clue about the name-changing until I checked out the compendium.

So, do you prefer the original names for some, or do you mostly prefer the changed names?

I honestly couldn't imagine Rune and Alys as Thray and Lyla, but that's just me.

I can't tell you how long I've been looking for that stupid book..Ugh >.<

Anyway it all depends. I like Rune's american name but I also love him as Thray. With Rika, I'm not sure if Fal is cuter, or her other name.

Gryz is one where his name should have stayed Japanese.

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