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PostPosted: Sat Apr 16, '11, 7:33 pm 
Hello Fringers. I have decided to come out of my hermitage... hermitude... hermitation... hermiwhatever. Remixes need to be done and I miss the happy mood this place has.

In my remix list topic, I recently mentioned doing a re-remix (This word is copyrighted to Tanith). The test subject: My Rise and Triumph remix. I was met with limited success because it was mostly orchestral and symphonic instruments.

Seeing how my Death Trance remix was met with a tidal wave of OH MY GOD, I decided to try my hand at this and make Phantasy Star 2's main battle theme into techno.

Please listen to these two samples, tell me which one you prefer and above all, WHY you prefer it.

First version

Second version

PostPosted: Sat Apr 16, '11, 7:40 pm 
My general feelings about this genre aside, I like the second one. I like the "instrument" you used for the melody in the second one better than the first one, it's got a sharper quality to it that I prefer.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 16, '11, 7:43 pm 
This isn't my genre at all (I like my classic rock), but I like the second one just a bit more; it's a touch crisper.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, '11, 7:14 am 
The second, because it's a much more current sounding electronic instrumentation. I think the melody might even do well with something that sounds vaguely reminiscent of an electric guitar, which is quite popular in trance right now.

You can hear what I'm talking about starting at 2:32 and then with the rest of the melody around 3:56:
This version is even better, from 2:15-3:40 (See? By knowing someone who loves trance I can skip right to the exciting parts of the songs. :p): ... re=related

Anyway, harder electric guitar would really add to the, "Hell yeah, let's kills some biomonsters!" feel of this song.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, '11, 4:23 pm 
This is an interesting sound. Unfortunately, the person who mixed this trance most likely had someone play that guitar so he could sample it. Emulating good electric guitar with my virtual studio is stupidly hard, but I'll try it and post the results for you to judge.

BTW, you all got the right answer. The first version was an early beta and I consider it of a lesser quality. However, for the second version, the main instrument is actually three trancy samples playing together. This sound could not be achieved with one sample alone.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, '11, 5:03 pm 
Here is a preliminary but serious version of what this would look like with guitars.

I'll ponder it but from the bat, can't say I'm a fan of this.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, '11, 2:31 pm 
So this is the first solid draft for this mix. I am now looking for opinions, inputs and comments. Please, be verbose. This remix is for you all, my fellow PS fans.

If you do not have a musical ear, just say what you feel, works fine with me.

If you do have a musical ear or some level of musical skill, here is what I already know and do not need to be reminded of:

-There is no intro.
-There is no finale.
-The transitions between most sections is lacking or nonexistent, especially at 4:11, I know.
-The drum track is repetitive and boring. Drums are my specialty but I keep them for last.

Here is what to look for:
-Ideas to improve the bass track
-Some instruments may be lacking or annoying.
-Should I expand on the “death place” section, considering I have remixed this one to death already?
-Also looking for a good remix title.

Song rundown:

0:00-0:37 - Mystery
0:38-1:08 - Rise or fall
1:08-1:32 - Movement
1:32-2:26 - Rise or Fall
2:27-2:54 - Movement
2:54-4:11 - Mystery
4:11-5:28 - Advanced
5:28 - 5:53 - Death place
5:54 - 6:33 - Rise or Fall
6:33-end - Movement

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, '11, 3:04 pm 
Okay, all of this comes with the disclaimer that I am 1) not a fan of techno and 2) not terribly familiar with the PS2 music as I've played that game the least and thought the other games of the series had more memorable music.

You already know some of the transitions are rough, so I won't bother going through and pinpointing them. The Rise or Fall/Movement sections are well done and I like all the little ornaments you've added in.

With your transitions, you could play around with key signatures, as that's one way to get things to flow better (not the only way, of course, you'd still have to do more) if you're not firmly attached to the original keys of the game. (Some people are purists and the people with perfect pitch may complain. :wink: )

I'm trying to figure out how I can convey a rockin' bass line (as I do rock the bass instruments) to you from so far away and without the necessary software on my computer. Give me more time to think of a solution.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, '11, 4:02 pm 
One thing is clear when I hear all of these songs remixed: PSII had, hands down, the best music of the series. ALL of it should be remixed, where it will really shine. The melodies are really wonderful to hear in something other than 16-bit game music (though the Genesis had a really great sound chip).

Helping you with instrumentation is hard, since I don't know much about remixing. (Even though I keep meaning to sit down with FL Studio and give it a try.) The best I can do is link some of what I consider the cream of the cream in current trance and hope you can derive inspiration that way.

Interesting bass: (somewhat cheating, since this is progressive house, not trance)

Varying instrumentation will definitely help, as will adding in your drums and a bass. I would not expand "death place" more than what you have already.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, '11, 1:53 pm 
Hello again.

I've been keeping this one quiet from the community because I was very focused on it and I really wanted it to progress fast. Creating such a huge remix in such a short time is a first for me, it took me years to complete Death trance. Though I generally try to get as much feedback as I can when I work on my music, pool everyone's ideas and suggestions and shape it to marry with the community, this one was different. It grew on me and along the way, I decided to make it exactly as I wanted, for me.

Here is the result. Though it's at least 99% complete, I wouldn't say it's final, I'll most likely tweak volumes and such a little but even if I do, the difference will be subtle enough that most people won't notice. So in a way, it is the final version.

This is my love letter to Phantasy Star 2, the result of all my love poured in eight minutes of pure joy. I sincerely believe it outdoes everything I have accomplished so far, I am extremely proud of the result.

As fellow Phantasy Star fans, hardened supporters of this universe that slowly fades away in our memories, I hope you enjoy it.

Deadly Mota, a medley of songs from Phantasy Star 2 by Aeroprism.

(Full video to be found on youtube shortly.)

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