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PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, '12, 4:06 am 
I came up with the idea recently to do an AMV with the Cyber-Cop music, but I wasn't sure which one to use. Then I thought Gundam Wing might work with it, so I tried it out. How does it look?


PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, '12, 1:11 am 
The Cyber Cop theme strikes me as something that would be hard to put to any animation. It keeps a very steady pace, never raising or lowering much. It doesn't give the increased auditory impact I'd expect from an explosion scene compared to a sword fight, for instance. I don't know much about Gundam, but the clips you chose seem to fit the theme well in most places. Maybe not so much on the explosions, but that's just how this theme goes.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, '12, 5:52 pm 
I think it fits pretty well with the space scenes. The action and explosions, not so much, but as Thoul pointed out, it's going to be tough to use the theme on anything that's not the actual game. Well, maybe something more obviously cyberpunk would work, like Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Bubblegum Crisis, Appleseed, or Silent Möbius.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, '12, 9:54 pm 
Ah Silent Möbius ! Reminds me a lot of souvenirs with Grospolina :) Nice AMV : haven't seen one for a very long time, so thanks for it :)

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