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PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, '10, 3:30 am 
The buble wrap confused me xellos, sorry about that.

Two Phantasy Star Game Gear games in one auction!

PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, '10, 3:47 am 
It was posted yesterday along with the PSI guide and another version of the PSII guide. I'll have clearer pictures on my collection page upon receival.

As for the game gear games, I wonder what is the third game included?

PostPosted: Fri Jul 23, '10, 4:50 am 
Intersting, I don't know the exact translation of the title of that third game (魔導物語Ⅰ), but apparently it's a 3D RPG from Compile.

Found it: ... nogatari-i

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 23, '10, 5:22 am 
I love good old dungeon-crawler :) Plus it looks really cute!!!

PostPosted: Sun Jul 25, '10, 7:43 pm 
Tweeg's monsterously huge update of financial doom!

Here's another listing with just the Phantasy Star's Adventure and Gaiden:

Great price on Phantasy Star Collection (SS):

Sega Con: Volumes 1 & 2 Set (Six CD Sega Game Music Collection):

Three Different PSP 2 books (guide, materials, and art book):

Tons to see here. Having bought from YJPA both directly and through middlemen has provided invaluable experience in being able to determine what is and isn't a good price for merchandise appearing on Ebay.

US Goods:

- PSO Official Perfect Guide: ... 2a08baff56

- PSO: Episode I&II Official Perfect Guide: ... 2a08bb0943

- PSO: Episode III Official Strategy Guide: ... 2a08bb0dc4

- PSU Official Strategy Guide: ... 43a0983cd8

- PS0 Official Strategy Guide: ... 3f0197aa67

- Lot of 10 PSO Postcards: ... 563e273c71

- PSO (DC) Counter Ad: ... 35a8227380

- Sega Smash Pack: Vol. 1 (PC): ... 45f41ddaea

- PS Collection (GBA): ... 3f01b223e7

- New copy of PSO V2 (DC): ... 35ab05cd9f

- Sega Smash Pack: Vol. 1 (DC): ... 5888960091

- PSP (PSP): ... 2308c9edc5

JP Goods:

- PSO: Finishing/Perfect Strategy Guide: ... 45f0cb7f10

- PSO Official Fan Book: ... 53e129854b

- PSO: Episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution Player's Guide: ... 45f2ad5ee9

- PSO: Ultimate Guide (covers Episode I&II only): ... 335b765892

- New PSO: Episode III Official Hori Memory Card (Odd these never turn up on YJPA): ... 483a4f4308

- PSU Netcash Card (used): ... 2c4e0abeaf

- Authentic PS0 Yujin Gashapon Art Insert for Capsule Vending Machine: ... 53dd2f6588

JP Unofficial Goods:

- PSO Doujin - “HU new, FO new, Kindergarten”: ... 4aa2f4b58c

- PSO Doujin - "Miru Mei": ... 2c554fcf18

- PSO Doujin - "Iminsen de Aimashou": ... 3a5a07343d

- PSU Doujin - "Pusu no Hon": ... 3ca7d57cd8

- PSU Doujin - "Illuminus Wonderline": ... 3cabc9b6c2

- PSU Doujin - "It Holds Out?": ... 3caae2b34c

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 25, '10, 7:52 pm 
You went on a auction finding spree :) Too bad most of it are PSO/PSU related or I already own when it comes to the original saga. The only thing I'm wondering, those Sega music CD, I'm guessing it comes with the original music of the original games? If so, if I'm only interrested in the Phantasy Star part of it, will I find anything new that I can't find on the 1st series complete album?

PostPosted: Sun Jul 25, '10, 10:39 pm 
Rather doubt any tracks it has would differ from tracks on the sets you already own. Appears to only contain two or three tracks from the original games on it.

Way to hot outside, over a hundred, so I've been sitting here browsing stuff online nearly the entire day.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, '10, 6:37 pm 
Tweeg, you're the doujin expert on this forum...WHAT IS THIS???

It looks so cool, yet at the same time, so weird

And speaking of fan made stuff, look at this everyone ... enlargeimg

7000 yen asked. It's fan made, but it looks incredible!!!

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 31, '10, 7:43 pm 
That figure (or model or whatever it is) looks incredible. They put a lot of detail into that. It looks like it can be placed into a lot of poses. I wonder if they made any based on other characters?

PostPosted: Sun Aug 1, '10, 2:44 am 
I asked to my contact in Japan about the doujin manga...they are Yaoi manga!!! I'm clearly not interrested in this anymore :( That's why I hate doujin most of the time...most of the stuff inside are clearly not serious stuff :cry:

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