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PostPosted: Sun Jul 4, '10, 5:26 am 
Ok here's a little story. You maybe know that I'm trying to complete my collection of items for the classic Phantasy Star. One of those rare item is the Phantasy Star Collection artbook published by Rock-Zah. Back then, we all saw the offer on ebay where the book appeared. The offer back then was 100$ for this very book. Like most of us, we didnt have the money. And when I finally did, the book was not there anymore.

But just in case, I took the seller in my ebay favorites. His username was champ_des_pins. This was a few years ago

Now, a few days ago, I took a chance, I contacted this seller with this very message
Quote:Hi there, I contact you through this item, but I want to ask you a totally different question. I don't know if you remember, but few years ago you had on sell a Phantasy Star Collection Art book published by Rock-Zah (the famous companion book to the two Phantasy Star Sound Collection). To this day, you are the only seller both on ebay and yahoo auction japan I've seen with this book. You were selling it 99$ back then, I was younger and didnt had the money for it. And when I did, of course, it was already sold.

It's been now a few months since I've been searching this book everywhere, and to no avail, so I turn myself to you in hope that maybe, you know someone who can get his hand on it. I'm willing to pay the 100$ tag price you put back then if you still have it or maybe knows someone who can get it.

Sorry for the bother if you don't know what I'm talking about. It was worth a try. Thanks for taking the time to read this

Didnt excepted any reply but it was worth a try...To my surprise, here's the reply I got:

I have one for sale but please give me 24 hours to relist it on eBay.


- champ_des_pins

I was filled with joy...until I realized I made a terrible mistake...I should not have specified the amount I was willing to pay for this item....I was affraid he would try to go higher than this price...

Just a few hours ago, I received a message again from him

I've just relisted it as follows. ... 0278051607


- champ_des_pins

Follow the link, and see the price. 200$!!! Double of what I was willing to pay for that. Let's just say that I replied to him in very polite words to forget about that, that he was just totally crazy, and that if he didnt want to lower its price to 100$, I'm really not interrested AT ALL, I would continue to watch Yahoo Auction Japan, and get a better deal one of these day.

Anyway, I gave the link, if anyone have that much money to spend on one item, be my guest. It may be a one-chance-only deal. But really, even if I made a mistake, I'm surely not stupid enough to fall for that price.

Too bad my try to get this item, which started great, end up in such failure. Maybe this will make someone happy, someone richer than me...

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 6, '10, 3:32 pm 
I'm double-posting because I'll be talking about a different online auction, and since this topic is not very popular, hardly no one would notice the new post if I just edit my previous one. I didnt saw any rule about double-posting (but I may be blind), and normally I'm not one to do it. But since this is about online find, that I noticed that it was done in the past, I'm doing it for this particular case and topic. If it's not ok with you Thoul, feel free to just delete, edit, or fuse the posts. Thank you :)

Right now I'm in the process of collecting all the Japanese Phantasy Star guide book for the original saga.

Basically, there's 1 for PSI, 2 for PSII, 3 for PSIII and 1 for PSIV (not 4 for PSIV :-D )

On Yahoo Auction Japan, I find all the guide, except the 3 for PSIII. The guy which I'm talking to in Japan and who help me did a search on another site, and find them dirt cheap. ... s_id/72961 ... s_id/72955 ... s_id/72956

This site does not have a lot of Phantasy Star items (16 last time I checked), and most of them are pretty common...but for those interrested in those guides, it's really a great find!!!

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, '10, 7:53 pm 
My next goal for my collection was the 3 Phantasy Star Futabasha book "CYOA" style. Of course, none of them were on Yahoo Auction. So I provided pictures of the 3 books to my contact in Japan. He managed to find all 3 on Amazon Japan. Problem is there's no pictures :( But my contact talked to one of the seller, and he confirmed it was those 3 books from the pictures I've sent, and that they were in excellent condition. Before paying for them anyway, my contact will take pictures of them so I'll be able to see their condition. For now here's the links: ... 41&seller= ... e=&seller= ... 42&seller=

I'm about to reach a point where I will not know what else I need for my classic collection. DOes anyone have other suggestions of what I'm missing (not on my page but coming soon are the Phantasy Star Collection Rock-Zah artbook, and the 7 Japanese Phantasy Star guides, so you can skip those)

edit: The guy received the book at his home, it seems to be the real thing


Too bad the bubble-wrap is hiding a lot, but we can see the covers enough to know its them, plus they seem in good condition.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, '10, 9:15 pm 
I think you've got almost everything that focuses only on Phantasy Star, aside from some little bits of merchandise listed in the Japanese books, like t-shirts and phone cards. There are a lot of more general Sega items that include some Phantasy Star stuff, though. These would be things like CDs with a few select PS songs or books like SPEC that have a mix of PS and other Sega titles.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, '10, 9:24 pm 
I thought I was all alone on this topic :) But yes, I saw that on the compendium when I received it yesterday. 2 t-shirts, 2 bandanas, and a PSIV phone card (Plus I'm still searching for a Rappy badge from the Sega-Direct offer of Phantasy Star Complete Collection). I don't know how you can find those though.

The Spec magazine would be a really good thing to hunt for next (I heard some of the general Sega album contening PS remix, like Sega rock...but didnt actually like them much...). But one thing I was wondering (even by watching the publication section of this site, I didnt figured out). Do ALL issues of SPEC have a Phantasy Star manga? If not, how can I find which one has?

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, '10, 10:16 pm 
I think every issue of SPEC has some PS content, but I'm not sure when the manga started. I know issues #7, #7.5, and #8 all have some PS manga. I believe some of the earlier issues did as well, though. #7.5 has part 3 of the Out Side Saga manga, but part 2 of that was not in #7.

I've read that #5 and #6 have the first two parts of Out Side Saga, but I've not seen them personally.

Also, there is this:

PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, '10, 10:33 pm 
COOL!!! What is this, some kind of calendar, or does this have another purpose???

PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, '10, 11:00 pm 
I've no idea, I found that page right before I posted. I guess is it was some kind of promotional card with a calendar printed on it. I don't know what size it is or anything like that.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 16, '10, 4:28 am 
Couple of books you might be interested in Xellos667:

PostPosted: Fri Jul 16, '10, 11:47 am 
Look a few post above :)

But thanks anyways

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