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PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, '13, 6:22 am 
A promotional PSIV guide book!?

Auction title translates out as:
Quote:[Super rare not for sale] At the End of the Phantasy Star Millennium Guide

Got to say, it's not one I've any recollection of ever coming across before.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, '13, 5:43 am 
And it ended at minimum bid of 380 yen. Somebody got a great deal.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 1, '13, 1:35 am 
Lots of deals to be had out there. Will start off with something which rarely turns up.

PSO (DC V1) Promo Clear File (D-Direct Pre-Order Promo?):

Phantasy Star Nova: TGS 2013 Promo Clear File:
(Lots of these listed at present, cheapest one available linked to.)

Complete Sega TGS 2013 Promo Materials Set:

Lot of 24 PSPo2 Trading Cards:


PSO2 Poster:

PSU "Pete" Promo Cell Phone Strap:

PSO: BB Promo Cell Phone Straps:

Lot of 10 Factory Sealed PSPo2: Infinity Cards:

Hyper Exciting Visual Game Magazine: January 1993 issue: ... x303605545
Apparently features an ariticle of some sort on PSIV.

Hyper Exciting Visual Game Magazine: December 1993 issue: ... x284405326
Apparently also features some manner of ariticle regarding Phantasy Star.

Phantasy Star Artbook (Compendium or??? Seems I never can remember.):

PSII Doujinshi (Quite pricey! Scarcity of this seems to have increased.):

PSO2 Xbox 360/PC Wireless Controller:

PSO - Elenor Cell Phone Strap:

2004 Sega TGS Brochures (PSU):

Stupendously Awesome Bandai PSO Shino Figure that sold out in like five seconds at release.:

PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, '13, 11:19 am 
About the Phantasy Star artbook : yes, this is the famous Compendium ! Fantastic artbook and here it's not very expensive at all ! (but need to have a lot of luck to catch it !! :( )

PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, '14, 1:47 am 
Hey all. I'm pretty new to the PSO collectibles hobby but I started mine out with what I think is a great purchase: co. jp/jp/auction/175577688

It's the Wonder Festival edition of the coveted F-face Hucast garage kit! I couldn't believe my luck when I found it. After looking for five years it's finally mine.

Hopefully I can share more amazing finds with you all in the future.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, '14, 12:34 pm 
Thanks for the link, Tweeg ! But unfortunately, I can't access to this page ! :(
I'm not really into PSO stuff collection (more on the first serie stuff ;) )
And great to know that you have found something after 5 years of intense search !
Congratulations !! :clap:

PostPosted: Fri Jan 24, '14, 2:03 pm 
Uhm, that post isn't by me. And the link had spaces in it, try it now:

Welcome to the boards Scionni! Always nice to meet a fellow PSO collector. Haven't bought any garage kits yet personally. Am actually not very knowledgable in regards to them. Perhaps you could share some information about them on the forum in the future?

PostPosted: Fri Jan 24, '14, 9:07 pm 
Oups sorry !! :( But thanks for the link, as it is now effective ! :)
And Welcome to the boards Scionni! And my humble apologies for my mistake...

PostPosted: Fri Feb 14, '14, 12:30 am 
I just finished browsing Ebay for Phantasy Star stuff for the first time since December. Tons listed, with Some of the prices are quite laughable. And when I say laughable, that's a vast understatement where some items are concerned. Some listings are just plain rip-off's.

We shall start by looking at a few horrificly over-priced items.

Phantasy Star IV: Official Player's Guide: ... 1113710280
Sixty dollars with free shipping is beyond top end pricing for this guide book. Last two copies that sold on Ebay, both in the last two months, ended with bids of less than $20 each. Where guide books are concerned, seldom few gaming publications from the last three decades received low print runs and are still considered to be diserable enough by player collector's to actually command more than double the original retail price on the used market.

PSO HUnewearl Statue: ... 1153369551
Even though there were only 1,000 of each statue in this series were made and only sold in Japan, the poor HUnewearl is remarkably the least desired of the three. She is the most resold and least valuable of the three statues with an average of four changing hands per year just on Yahoo Auctions alone. Ending bids for a mint condition HUnewearl statue in mint packaging generally struggle to reach $100 (US) dollars. The seller of this statue is capitolizing on the idea that most of the English speaking world doesn't know how to go about using an import service. Even the most desired statue of this series didn't sell for this much money. $600 + Shipping for the HUnewearl statue is a total rip-off.

PSO2: 2013 Arks Grand Prix Memorial Book: ... 1156996574
Again, someone is attempting to capitolize on the ignorance of others. This book with DVD set was just released on October 31st, 2013. It retails for roughly US $20. So, $54 with free (international) shipping means this seller is going to easily double what they paid for it.

And now for the flip side. Expensive stuff on Ebay that isn't as bad as it seems.

Phantasy Star Music Collection 2000-2007: ... 1151409703
Yes, I do realize that is listed at US $225.00, with free shipping. This 10CD & 1 DVD compilation collection sold out from retailers in Japan at a retail price of roughly US $170 in a mere week after release. Used copies in Japan itself are presently bringing the retail price. So to be able to import it for $55 over retail isn't that bad. Do keep in mind though, popularity and demand of this set being what it is that Sega's Wave Master Studios could very well reprint it without warning causing an overnight drop in demand.

PSO2: Lillipa Zoku Stuffed Animal ... 1293019143
Two words to explain it all; PROMO ITEM.

Phantasy Star IV 4 - South Korea Samsung Edition: ... 1114747238
I can't say just how rare, if at all, it may actually be considered in South Korea, but we rarely see any of the Samsung manufactured Korean-language copies of the Phantasy Star games turn up on Ebay.


Now, by no means am I upset to see such a great interest in the Phantasy Star franchise on Ebay. I did a "Sold Listings" search for "Phantasy Star" and it was amazing to see just how much Phantasy Star merchandise has sold in the last couple of months. And, incredible to see what specific items are legitimately commanding when auctioned. As a fan it's "phantastic" to see Phantasy Star holding such great popularity. Only negative to the existing demand is from the collector stand point, clearly indicating we're gonna have to pay more for whatever items we do buy.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 14, '14, 3:02 am 
That Phantasy Star Music Collection looks awesome. It took me a minute to notice it was from 2000 onward, would be a lot more awesome with all the classic stuff, too, but still really neat.

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