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PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, '14, 12:14 am 
Ah then you'd like this first item Bragatyr.

Below is a sampling of the goods presently available on Yahoo Japan Auctions.

----- Phantasy Star -----

Phantasy Star 1st Series Complete Album (4CD Soundtrack):

Sega "Joy Joy" Game Pamphlet (features PS): ... m120200239

Sega Ad Card (features PS):

Phantasy Star: Strategy Guide book:

Phantasy Star III: Note Book for Challengers:

Phantasy Star III: Strategy Guide Book Parts 1 & 2: ... j244296389

Phantasy Star III: Strategy Guide Book (different from above)

Phantasy Star IV: Strategy Guide Book:

Phantasy Star IV: Strategy Guide Book (different book from above): ... t349403102

World of Phantasy Star (Art Book):

Phantasy Star Collection for SS: ... r110344184

----- PSO -----

PSO Promo NetCash card: ... n120034626

PSO - Pre-Order Promo Greenill Section ID Dog Tag: ... r102835146

PSO PC Pre-Order Promo Mouse Pad:

PSO: The Book of Hunters (Art Book):

PSO: Episode 1&2 - Art Book: ... n126729429

PSO: Episode III - Hori (GC) Memory Card:

----- PSU -----

Sega's TGS 2004 Press Kit (features PSU):

PSU: Trial Version for PS2:

PSU Original Soundtrack:

PSP for PSP - Complete with Pre-Order Promo NetCash Card: ... m117416316

PSP: PSP Accessories Set: ... m118516401

PSP2: Infinity - Calorie Mate Promo Phone Charm Strap

PSP2: Infinity (Prize Package?) from Wondergoo: ... n104727743

PSP2: Infinity - Ceramic Mug: ... n132492962

----- PS0 -----

Phantasy Star 0 - Retail Display (PoP) Poster:

Phantasy Star 0 - Trading Card Set: ... r108455395

Phantasy Star 0: Yujin Capsule Figure Set:

Phantasy Star 0 - Art Book:

----- PSO2 -----

PSO2 USB Controller:

PSO2: PS Vita Version - Retail Display Posters (both variations)

----- PS Nova -----

Phantasy Star Nova - TGS 2013 Promo Clear File:

PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, '14, 2:35 am 
And just when you thought I was done, I suddenly remembered that the British Empire also has an Ebay. And here's what I discovered there.

----- Phantasy Star - Unofficial Products -----

Phantasy Star Refridgerator Magnet:

Phantasy Star II, II or IV (choice) Refridgerator Magnet:

Phantasy Star - Safety Pin Button:

Phantasy Star Coffee Mug:

PSO2 Coffee Mug:

----- Everything Else -----

Phantasy Star IV (PAL) - WAY OVERPRICED!

Phantasy Star Collection for GBA:

PSO V2 for DC - (The Only Copy Listed in the British Empire!):

PSO: Episode 1&2 Plus Edition and Episode III Lot for GC:

PSO: Episode 1&2 for XB:

PSU for X360:

PSU for PC:

PSU for PC - White Label:

PSU: AotI for PC:

PSU for PS2:

PSU: AotI for PS2:

PSP for PSP:

PSP for PSP - PSP Essentials label:

Phantasy Star 0 for DS:

PSO2 for Vita:

PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, '14, 10:38 pm 
That is a lot of interesting items. Luckily I have everything from this list I would like to have, because since I have got married, I can't afford collectibles like I used to before. Not that I am complaining about that, though.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 20, '14, 2:47 am 
Oh yeah, that classic series music collection looks awesome. I wish I could get my hands on something like that.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 21, '14, 9:00 pm 
So great ! Thanks for the links, Tweeg ! This music box seems to be great but without the classic series.. :(
About the fridge magnets and the mug, I've seen that before ! One day I'll buy them :)

PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, '14, 2:20 am 
Phantasy Star Memorial Drama CD & Book Set:

PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, '14, 9:56 pm 
I've already this Phantasy Star Memorial Drama CD & Book Set ! It's a pretty rare item if I'm not mistaken and a good one to have ! But maybe one day I'll have to...listen to the CD itself ! :lol:
I know that there is a translation of a part of the fanbook and I'll try to find it back and put a link here :)

PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, '14, 5:25 am 
Spotted this yesterday but did not have the chance to post about it until tonight.

Something I'ver never seen turn up before, and am extreme;y doubtful that we're ever going to see turn up again. This could be an honest to goodness once in a lifetime ownership oppurtunity.

Phantasy Star "overseas" - Advertisement Artwork Cell ... l259322343
(Link corrected, sorry about that.)

I'd say the seller has greatly undestimated the value of this item. Starting bid of 5,000 yen (roughly US $50.00). Not surprisingly, it already has one bid... and three full days left at auction. Did a bit of looking around online and it looks like this is one of three artwork cells created and used as official artwork for the advertising in Brazil, but if someone here could shed some light on this, as original franchise history is not my fortee, that would surely be greatly appreciated by all who read this board topic.

Bing Translation from auction listing.:
Quote:Breed cell painting and original
About the status and characteristic products

This seems for magazine inserts or promotional CELS.
There are no ones were used in anime.
I think because it seems and the overseas version of Phantasy Star, created for foreign magazines.
At overseas sites we review illustrations here.
Illustration details the Middle girl Alisa, right Tyrone Ruth, left the yellow animal miauw.
I think it is generally less hitting CELS so rare.
Because we do not understand the details, thank you in images.

About the State:
Paste tape there.
I think relatively good condition?

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, '14, 7:43 am 
Unless the internet is screwing with me again, I do believe you gave us the wrong link. ;_;

PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, '14, 5:25 pm 
.... O_O

Post edited, correct link is now there.

And still on topic of this art cell. The seller is some manner multi-media shop and this is not the only cell they currently have up for auction. They actually have several video game ad artwork cells and even some anime cells dating from the 1980's. Also noteworthy the cover artwork cell for the February 1992 issue of Club Nintendo magazine, featuring Mega Man.:

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