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PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, '15, 8:18 pm 
Okay, I do not have either of these video gaming systems (PS3 or PS4), and I have been thinking of possibly buying one either for Christmas or sometime after, maybe tax season if the money is available. However, I really don't know that much about either of them (other than they are pretty expensive), or which one has better games to play, or anything?

So can anyone here help with any recommendations, information, or any facts that may help me make my mind up and decide which, if any, to purchase? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!!

Anyone have a PS3 or PS4?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, '15, 8:00 pm 
I have both a PS3 and a PS4. Personally, I love the PS4 more than the PS3, however I love the PS3 just about as much as the PS4.

PS3 has obviously been around much longer so it's catalog of games is much larger. Add in the fact that PS3's can also play PSone games and it's pretty clear you won't be running out of things to play any time soon. Also, a PlayStation Plus membership is not required to play online with others which saves you $50. Though I would still recommend getting because you get free games every month. Keep in mind though that while there are still games coming out for this system, game companies are already starting to stop making games for this system opting for something a little more grand.

PS4 is obviously newer and much more pricier. Add in the fact that a PlayStation plus membership is required to access most online games and it seems even more pricier. However, the price is worth $50 a year because you get free games every month. Since the system is still new too, games are constantly being made though pricey when they first come out. However in this day and age if you are willing to wait a few months for price drops, you'll be saving money. The PS4 is a much more social platform and they make it easy to share screenshot or even videos with friends. The biggest draw to me though is the party chat where I can easily talk to friends. I just love it. Also I'm always on my PS4 so there is that.

If you do decide to get a PS4 though, I highly recommend you look online, especially on amazon. They always have great deals and sometimes you can even get free PSPlus membership. Right now one of the better deals I've seen is currently going on. For $350 (plus tax), you get a 500gb system, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (which has Uncharted 1, 2, and 3), Assassin's Creed Syndicate (which I believe just came out), and Final Fantasy Type-0. Which saves you around $150.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, '15, 9:11 pm 
Agree with Atlin. We have both as well, and regardless of your situation, PS Plus is worth it.

Obviously the PS3 is cheaper, as it's older hardware and used ones are easy to find. Game library is big, and most of those games are cheap now. Though the number of new games coming out is dwindling. If cost is a concern, this is probably your better option. You won't run out of games to play for a while. Also it has Okami HD as a download on PSN.

PS4 is more expensive, but more powerful, more features, and new games are coming out for it. More expensive overall, but as Atlin said, wait a bit and prices will drop as used copies of games become available. Smaller (but growing) library, with good games like Alien Isolation and Shadow of Mordor.

It comes down to your priorities and concerns. If you do get one, find me on PSN. :)

Oh, last note: whichever you get, buy the pertinent version of The Last of Us and play it, play it, play it. I think both systems have a bundle which includes it.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 14, '15, 11:54 pm 
Thanks for those helpful comments everyone. I have a lot to decide. I think I am leaning toward the PS4 as it is the newer system. However, I just really haven't decided yet. May wind up seeing what deals the stores may have to offer in the upcoming sales, etc., if they do have anything. You've given me a lot to think on. Very much appreciated!

PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, '15, 12:18 am 
ps4 cause it's newer system

PostPosted: Fri Jan 29, '16, 9:50 pm 
Just curious, Silver - did you ever ultimately make a decision on this, and if so, what did you decide? Or are you still kind of going back and forth on it? If you're still going back and forth, it looks like The Last Guardian from Team ICO (Ico, Shadow of the Colossus) might actually finally come out this year, after being first announced way early in the PS3's life and then disappearing for years. Though now it'd be out on PS4, of course.

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