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 Post subject: Protests and Riots in USA
PostPosted: Sat May 30, '20, 8:14 pm 
Another night of protests and riots in many cities in the USA supposedly due to the death of Mr. George Floyd by a police officer several day ago, etc.

Mr. Floyd's death was a horrible crime and those responsible should be held accountable and punished accordingly. Sometimes justice has slow wheels to turn as we have seen in so many other occassions. Hopefully, justice will be served.

Many cities saw protests and riots over the last few days and nights. What began in some areas as peaceful protests eventually turned into unpeaceful riots where even more people were injured, businesses were destroyed, and in some cases more people were killed.

A sad couple of days for everyone in the USA. We, as a united people, have to be better than all this. Heartbreaking. :cry: ... orge-floyd ... d-shooting ... -protester

PostPosted: Sun May 31, '20, 12:14 pm 
The bitter irony in a lot of these protests. Given their lack of masks and social distancing. Many of these people were supporting and encouraging the strict Stay At Home Orders as the current Covid crisis moves on. Yet their actions will probably trigger a massive second wave that they warned us about if we didn't wear a mask.

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