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 Post subject: Re: Problems in music
PostPosted: Wed Jul 2, '14, 10:29 pm 
I dare anyone to listen to any singer Candlemass (Which is doom metal) has had and not be in awe. Of course, it's clean doom so that's a different matter entirely from things like Death/Doom or Black/Doom.

In my experience, music elitists of every genre are generally horrid (Even classical/jazz elitists are a pain to deal with), but the metal ones tend to have the worst reputation. I've had the worst experiences with indie rock elitists personally (Oh, what's that, you like something I don't? You must have autism! Because that's totally reasonable to assume that).

 Post subject: Re: Problems in music
PostPosted: Wed Jul 2, '14, 11:18 pm 
Oh, yeah, Hukos, I definitely wasn't grouping doom metal in the exclusively harsh vocal camp. I mean, Sabbath's song Black Sabbath is arguably doom metal, so from the very beginnings the genre's had clean vocals.

But yes, indie rock elitists are pretty annoying, I'm not going to lie, ha ha.

 Post subject: Re: Problems in music
PostPosted: Wed Jul 2, '14, 11:23 pm 
I have yet to have a good experience with an indie rock elitist, and I listen to indie rock sometimes. But really, elitists are, usually, annoying. All you can do is deal with them and I usually just walk away from such interactions anymore.

 Post subject: Re: Problems in music
PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '14, 12:42 am 
:D I just realized, I share way too many traits with elitists.

(This will be a philosophical, rather pointless wall of text. Feel free to skip)

An elitist is someone who will swear only by what he likes and diminish you if you disagree. His first weapon of choice is the never ending praise for the qualities of the things he likes and his second weapon will be arguments to push back what he doesn't like.

Though I used to to it a lot as a kid, I don't really do the praise thing anymore. I definitely do the other thing though and I am exceedingly good at it, unfortunately. Good enough to have permanently damaged my friendship with some people I really liked.

Example: I like game music, I'll just say that I do and that will be that. But then consider that I really dislike Hip Hop. The last thing you want is to challenge me on my opinion because I once I start... blarg. At 38 years old, I try very, very hard to suppress that negativity behavior. One of my close friends told me that I could be extremely hurtful when arguing with someone who has little confidence. See, the funny thing is, unlike an elitist, I'm not rude, I'm not vulgar, I'm not even impolite. I am however confident, verbose and eloquent. I know how to explain my ideas, I know how to turn a phrase and I do so to a point where people who are uncertain of their beliefs end up feeling like mud.

Number of times this has served me positively in life: 0.
Well, not true. On a LARP, it's awesome if you like to control crowds. But real life is not a game and real people get hurt.

So what do you call someone who praises his stuff a lot without diminishing yours? An enthusiast.

And what do you call someone who does the opposite? I'm pretty sure that Thoul censored that word...

[/End pointless post]

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 Post subject: Re: Problems in music
PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '14, 1:52 am 
Aero, why in the world would I skip a wall of text, especially one that is making me giggle ever-so-slightly as I read it?

By your definitions, I think I'm mostly enthusiast, as I try hard not to disparage what other people like. But if you read my massive essay on the previous page, yeah, verbose and eloquent on some level. That said, though, sorry that your confidence has damaged friendships when arguing/debating over some point of disagreement. That has to be tough. :( If that happens again, though, I'd say offer to help that person build their confidence.

 Post subject: Re: Problems in music
PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '14, 5:28 pm 
Wolf Bird wrote:The Pacific Garbage Patch has turned so notorious Gojira wrote a song about it. Played it live when I saw them in May, even. Though, Aero, given what you said in the other thread about music, approach Gojira with caution, not entirely sure they'd be to your taste.

Gave it a go. The style immediately reminded me of this gem of angry awesomeness which I really, really love. The growl at 0:06, incomparable. Mind you, it is an acquired taste, born from my love of the Mortal Kombat movie. So yeah, I could see myself loving a few Gojira songs but while the exception will always kick the rule in the nuts, the genre as a whole is not something I will enjoy over a prolonged exposure. It will be something I will enjoy with a proper context, like while writing a particularly violent battle scene but I will not idly sit on my couch and listen to Gojira for kicks and giggles.

Funny enough, same applies to hardcore techno. Once in a while, like when I lift weights, it will be precisely the music I want and need but at the end of the day, it will eventually tire me.

Compare those two with my own remixes which I could listen to over and over, ad infinitum, you get the picture.

So there we go, another side of the music debate: the mood. Discuss.

 Post subject: Re: Problems in music
PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '14, 8:33 pm 
Ahh, good ol' Napalm Death. Glad you liked Gojira, for what it's worth. They're definitely my favorite band, I just can't get enough of them (and they put on an awesome live show to boot!) Plus, their drummer does INCREDIBLE artwork, and is responsible for most of the band's cover art and other such things. Such as this, which was their backdrop at their last live show, and I got a limited signed edition which is going to be framed after we move, but is currently wrapped up with a rubber band and safely stored.

Mood. Mood. What to say about mood? Well, there are definitely some types of music I listen to either for a specific mood, or when I'm in a specific mood. Like today, I'm binging a bit on indie and progressive rock. Just don't feel like listening to anything too heavy right now. Not sure why, but it's how I feel.

 Post subject: Re: Problems in music
PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '14, 8:45 pm 
I consider myself a "recovering elitist". I used to be really nasty about it (long before I came here that is) but I've calmed down quite a bit.

Being a former elitist myself, it's easy to identify other elitists ;)

 Post subject: Re: Problems in music
PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '14, 10:51 pm 
I can be pretty elitist about a lot of crap, unfortunately, but I try to bop myself on the head when I get that way. I haven't learned to do it when it comes to bad movie adaptations, though, I mean, I have to physically restrain myself when people think the Lord of the Rings movies were better than the books, I think that should be a capital crime! (I'm joking, mostly).

Also on the subject of elitism, I have to say, my personal least favorite form is even more particular and more pretentious than the indie elitist. It is the hardcore Tool fan. Now, I really like Tool, great band, interesting material, really talented and thought-provoking, but I've met people who have practically never listened to anything but Tool and think they are like Immanuel Kant and Karlheinz Stockhausen and some sort of Hindu-Buddhist god all rolled up into one. I had a friend who literally told me that they were an underground band, and that the general public and the outside world couldn't understand them, and I was like, dude, they're popular music. You can find like every album they've ever made at Wal-Mart. But he didn't believe me.

But yeah, mood. Personally a big part of why I like or don't like a given piece of music. I mean, you can break music down to patterns and a general sense of structure, but you also take it in emotionally and subjectively. It's kind of hard to break down which is which in why a person likes a piece of music. But I tend to like moody music, as I see it.

 Post subject: Re: Problems in music
PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '14, 11:22 pm 
Tee hee. I loved the LOTR movies.

Granted, the first time I saw them, I got up and started foaming at the mouth "THIS IS NOT HOW IT IS IN THE BOOKS!!"

Then I accepted that they were a different entity altogether. Now I can love both form of the story on totally different levels. The books make me smile, they make me dream. The movies make me get up on my seat and cheer when Rohan tramples the ish out of bad guys. I was also known to cry during that scene. Cause Rohan. <3

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