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 Post subject: Shark Attacks
PostPosted: Fri Jul 3, '15, 1:12 am 
I heard on the news today that there was another shark attack on someone swimming near or in the ocean or beach somewhere, I think it was in North or South Carolina, but not certain about that. All total I think this makes about the 6th or 7th Shark Attack recently, with some of them having serious consequences to the victims.

Only question I have is this...why do people continue to go swimming in certain areas when they know there has already been several shark attacks on people???

 Post subject: Re: Shark Attacks
PostPosted: Fri Jul 3, '15, 3:56 am 
I really dislike how the media is so quick to jump all over shark attacks. It makes people fear a magnificent animal that has very little chance of actually hurting or killing them. We do far more harm to sharks than they do to us. If you DO happen to be one of those seriously unlucky folks to be attacked (and it seems most sharks attack people as they mistake a person for food, and many release their victim when they realize the person is not a fish), then yeah, it's awful and probably traumatic, but the media has way overblown the frequency and severity of shark attacks. If you hit the beach, you should probably be far more worried about sea jellies or making sure you protect your skin from excessive sun than about sharks.

Here's a list of things more likely to hurt you than a shark:
Air fresheners

Here are things more likely to kill a person than a shark:
Driving or riding in a car
Heart disease

Here are some shark attack facts from National Geographic. ... live/facts

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