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PostPosted: Sun Jul 1, '07, 2:49 am 
Hey is anyone here planning on watching the concert that Prince William and Prince Harry are holding tomorrow in memory of their Mother, the late Princess Diana's, birthday?

I think NBC is showing some of the concert tomorrow night and I have seen advertisements about it being shown on VHI
during the day tomorrow. I'm going to try and watch. I heard that Elton John, Duran Duran, and others will participate. It sounds very enjoyable and like a lovely tribute to Diana.

Hard to believe Princess Di has been dead for almost ten years. She was very beautiful and is very much missed.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 1, '07, 6:01 am 
I might watch a bit of it. I usually find this kind of thing depressing and wouldn't watch it, but it looks like they may have some enjoyable music from the ads I've seen.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 2, '07, 7:28 pm 
I watched some of the end of it. I meant to watch more, but I got distracted. They had some good artists; I hope the proceeds help whatever causes are getting the donations.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 3, '07, 1:59 pm 
I watched almost the whole thing on the VH1 channel. It was a pretty good show overall. Some of the acts were not exactly cut to my tastes, but I did enjoy a few of them - Tom Jones, Rod Stewart, and some others. Everything went pretty well and I think they raised a good bit of money and mostly, it was just a nice tribute to Diana. I enjoyed the "Diana & Me" segments mostly where people told stories of their meetings and times with the Princess.

It was good to see Dennis Hopper and some other well know names introducing some of the acts. And, to the poster here who watches Keifer Sutherland on 24 (I think it is Zafneir), Keifer was there and introduced some of the acts also. :)

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