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PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, '10, 6:19 am 
Most of you have probably seen this from Rebecca Capowski's Translation Junk Drawer page:

The page contains preliminary bios for all of the main PSII characters. It's easy to tell from reading the bios just how different in many ways the characters ended up being from what their creators originally had in mind, but I'd like to take a moment to summarize those differences and give everyone some visuals as well.

Date of birth change: 20-25 years old (no specific date) to 17 Sep 1263.
He is given no physical description in his bio.
Interesting things in his prelim. bio:
His parents were wealthy and from Paseo. He was raised in an orphanage after they died in the spaceship accident. He doesn't know any attack techniques (seriously, it says that).

Date of birth change: 28 Aug 1283 to 30 Aug 1283 (not a huge change)
Eyes: violet to red
Hair: red to violet (hmm... Reverse Nei?)
Also in prelim. bio:
She was supposed to have buck teeth. A pair of married researchers (Rolf's former teachers) broke her out of the laboratories once she was born and cast aside, then she was raised by the couple (I don't know how this fits in with Neifirst). Four months later the couple is killed by an anti-biomonster mob. Nei escapes and is almost killed again by an evil hunter (presumably Darum) and is rescued by Rolf. She's just as fond of (if not more) Rudo as she is of Rolf, perhaps because Rudo smells like Rolf (I swear I'm not making this up).

Modeled after Rutger Hauer, the text references two specific movies: Blade Runner and The Hitcher (Rutger is the antagonist in both movies). Here's Hauer's character (Roy Batty) from Blade Runner: ... 103925.jpg
Here's his character (John Ryder) from The Hitcher: ... itcher.jpg

Hair color change: silver to blond (Though, as I'm about to demonstrate, someone's idea of silver is not all that accurate.) According to the text, Rudo has silver hair and blue eyes like Commander Straker from the British television show UFO:
Ohhkay, then. "Silver" in this instance is really platinum blond.

Also in prelim. bio:
He's of German descent. He's muscular but not macho. He wears a long gray coat (à la John Ryder). He lost his parents at the age of 20 and then enlisted in the military, then his wife and daughter were killed by biomonsters and he became a hunter (good grief, his whole family is gone!). He once rescued a little girl from a biomonster nest (I wonder if this is in his text game). He has suicidal tendencies, and secretly wants to die from one of his hunting jobs (poor Rudo :( ).

I'll start a new post; this one's getting long. More to come; stay tuned!

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, '10, 7:08 am 
Birth date change: 6 February 1261 to 26 April 1261
Hair color change: black to red
Eye color change: black to turquoise (they look turquoise to me, anyway)
Character reference: Fiorina from 3,000 Leagues in Search of Mother (aka Marco). Fiorina is the girl in this clip: ... re=related
Doesn't that girl have red hair, though? And isn't it kind of weird that a 23 year-old is modeled after a prepubescent girl?
Also in prelim. bio:
She's of Japanese descent. She got into medicine partially by a "fluke twist of fate" (I wonder what that was). She's described as mild, delicate and pretty, but also insular and dark-natured. She can equip mace-like weapons.

Birth date change: 11 January 1264 to 12 June 1264
Hair change: long and black to short and purple
Eye color change: black to green
Also in prelim. bio:
He is employed as a scholar and is of Korean descent. His father is a head-zookeeper and his mother is a botanist. He's antisocial and mildly autistic. He walks with his head down. He wears round glasses, and he's feminine and delicate.

Age change: possibly 19 to unknown
Hair color change: silver to blonde (the female Rudo?)
Eye color change: green to blue
Modeled after Nastassja Kinski (took me forever to find a pic of Nastassja that looked somewhat like Anna): ... 022976.jpg
Also in prelim. bio:
She is of Russian descent. She's a bit "dangerously proportioned" (what does that mean? Like dangerous curves?). She lost both her parents at an early age (great, more parent death :roll: ) and lives in the lower class. She somewhat enjoys being a hunter and guardian for the thrill of it and is a natural-born hunter.

(One more post.)

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, '10, 7:41 am 
Birth date change: 20 March 1264 to 9 December 1263 (Interesting. He was originally the youngest--aside from Nei--instead of Hugh.)
Hair color change: black to lavender
Skin color change: suntanned to the generic light caucasian of all the characters in PSII
Also in his prelim. bio:
He's of Argentinian descent (Kain the gaucho!). He has more wounds than his comrades. He hung around junkyards as a kid, and he also skipped school a lot and hung out with runaways. He worked at a junkyard and enjoys destroying things. He's a scatterbrain, and he's impulsive and wild. Apparently he doesn't prepare well for battle, but resourcefully continues beating on creatures with the butt of his rifle in times when he runs out of ammo (that is so Kain, isn't it?). He has a crush on Nei. The settei goes on to tell us how tragic it would have been had Kain and Nei had children (I can't make this up, people), that Kain's/Nei's kids would have been physically 60 years of age at the age of 25 (and Nei would be 60 at five years of age).

Birth date change: 21 June 1263 to 1 April 1263
Hair color change: blonde to green
Eye color change: violet to blue
Also in prelim. bio:
She's of Irish descent (interestingly, her English name, Shir Gold, is very Jewish). She's always neatly primped. She slouches and is ashamed to admit she's really shy (hmm, okay). Another of her catchphrases is apparently "freedom is sublime." She was originally supposed to steal meseta as well as items, and be able to steal from enemy robots as well as from shops. Her TP was supposed to dip to zero after stealing something. She can equip "stick-type weapons."

PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, '10, 11:10 am 
Very interesting find Tanith. I recall seeing this at Capowski's site a few months ago. It's a really fascinating site, with all sorts of odds and ends there. I don't think there's anything on IV there though, just I, II and III, which is all good. The former gets enough attention as is.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, '10, 1:04 pm 
There are Germans, Koreans and Japanese on Algo?

Someone needs to lay down the pot there...

PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, '10, 8:55 pm 
Yeah, I'm not sure why they contemplated using Terran ethnicities at first, unless it tied into the earthmen inhabiting the worlds of Algol. I can see why it was abandoned. Still, Kain the Argentinian would have been awesome.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 2, '10, 5:21 pm 
I sort of wish Shir had been able to steal in battle. It would have been an interesting mechanic to carry over to later games, and it also would be a lot easier than stealing from shops over and over.

I always wondered what that "Commander Straker" guy looked like, too. I never heard of him before reading this translation, so it never made a lot of sense without a picture. Finally seeing him helps me understand that a lot.

It's also interesting as to how much of Nei's preliminary info made it into her text adventure. Most of the details on the others seem to have been abandoned, but Nei's summary is pretty much a synopsis of the beginning and ending of her text adventure.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 20, '10, 7:15 pm 
I've already read that and that is pretty interesting, because it sheds some light in PSII characters (after all, the game just throws them in your party) and presents some things that could be developed if PSII was story-oriented like PSIV.

As for Terran ethnicities, I think they are in touch with what PS is: it passes on other star system, but has many Terran things in it.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, '11, 10:49 pm 
Quote:A pair of married researchers (Rolf's former teachers) broke her out of the laboratories once she was born and cast aside, then she was raised by the couple (I don't know how this fits in with Neifirst). Four months later the couple is killed by an anti-biomonster mob.

Nei's Text Adventure and this bit of info kind of clash with what PS2 mentions about Nei's "birth". In the game, Nei was originally part of Neifirst's psyche and eventually separates herself in some way or another. In that character biography and Nei's text adventure, it's suggested Nei was born in the bio lab as part of an experiment by the staff. (and deemed a failure) And she was later found and adopted by two of the biolab's employees.

Here's a little fan-theory to link the two. What if the girl who was found and adopted by the biologist couple (who may have adressed her as Nei) wasn't Nei, but Neifirst? (while Nei was still part of her) After the mob torched her new home and chased her out of town, Nei/Neifirst returned to the biolabs, stole DNA data from there and started the biomonster infestation...her time with her foster parents who were both biologists left her with enough knowledge about genetic engineering to succesfully pull it off. Later, Nei and Neifirst separated, but since they were still one being while living with the researcher couple, Nei considers those shared memories to be her memories as well...even though she wasn't "born" yet at the time.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 31, '11, 11:12 pm 
That theory makes sense to me. I remember the Text Adventure touching on these subjects slightly, but I can't recall exactly what it said. It places another biolab researcher as living in Paseo just before Rolf and Nei meet. As I recall, there was some reference to Neifirst at this point of the game, but I just can't remember the details. :bang:

At the beginning, the Text Adventure has Nei running from the torching of her home and says she wandered for a few months before arriving at Paseo. There was enough time there for the Nei/Neifirst split to happen I think.

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