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PostPosted: Fri Apr 1, '11, 1:10 am 
The other researcher you're referring to, an eccentric old scientist living in Paseo somewhere near Rolf's house, was essentially the guy who started all the trouble. He was the one who deemed Nei/Neifirst a failure and tried to get rid of her and when she escaped, he put a bounty on her head, which is what first got Darum onto Nei/Neifirst's case. (and the guy turned out to be both bloody persistent and without scrupules) When, in the text adventure, you make Nei speak to him, he recognizes her ears, but later says she's not the one he's seeking. (that'd be Neifirst, presumably)

I believe, near the end of the adventure, Nei listens in on a conversation between Darum and the researcher, with the latter saying he's calling the whole thing off. (the fact two of his former collegues lost their lives over this thing might have given him conscience issues) Darum, of course, doesn't accept the fact he's not getting paid and shoots the researcher, then leaves to look for cash elsewhere in the house. With his last breath, the researcher apologizes to Nei and then dies. (funny thing...if you leave the house through the back door, then walk all the way around and enter through the front, the researcher is alive again...obviously you end up in different "game rooms") Nei leaves and runs into Darum again who decides that even though she's no longer worth a bounty, he'll just kill her for causing him the trouble. Nei can hold him off for a while, but eventually Rolf (at whose house she rested earlier) intervenes and takes Nei home.

Neifirst isn't really mentioned by name anywhere in the adventure and while at first the researcher says that Nei isn't "the one he sought", he later apologizes to her as if she WAS the one born in that bioplant experiment under his supervision. (obviously, in a way, she was since she was part of Neifirst at that point)

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 1, '11, 2:13 am 
Thanks for the refresher. :) That brings it all back to me. I'd say that fits nicely with your theory then. Neifirst could have been the Nei we see at the very beginning of the text adventure, with the switch over to "Neisecond" between the torching and Paseo.

Quote:(funny thing...if you leave the house through the back door, then walk all the way around and enter through the front, the researcher is alive again...obviously you end up in different "game rooms")

Someone must have taken the guy to the Clone Labs. ;)

PostPosted: Sat Jun 4, '11, 11:21 pm 
Megid not an attack technique LOL! :D Good depth on the first draft of the characters, if only Lutz's version were a playable alternative. He was originally supposed to be PSII's main protagonist.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 1, '11, 2:50 am 
Thoul wrote:I sort of wish Shir had been able to steal in battle. It would have been an interesting mechanic to carry over to later games, and it also would be a lot easier than stealing from shops over and over.

I always wondered what that "Commander Straker" guy looked like, too. I never heard of him before reading this translation, so it never made a lot of sense without a picture. Finally seeing him helps me understand that a lot.

It's also interesting as to how much of Nei's preliminary info made it into her text adventure. Most of the details on the others seem to have been abandoned, but Nei's summary is pretty much a synopsis of the beginning and ending of her text adventure.

Bumping this up... (Flag Hunt does wonders)

I've read somewhere (don't remember exactly where) that it was in the plans to make Shir steal in the battle, along with many other things, but they had to be cut during the development phase because they would take too much time or cartridge space.

It would be an interesting add-on, making her more useful than she is. It is good to know they have, at least, considered it. And damn technology limitation; nowadays they have plenty and spend everything in movies instead of gameplay.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 3, '11, 2:11 am 
Oh? Well, I'm glad they did consider it. I can understand if it was going to take too much cartridge space. The PS games were generally pushing the cartridge sizes as much as possible at the time. It would have been a great thing to add in the PlayStation 2 remake, but as far I know they didn't go that route there either.

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