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 Post subject: Powers Boothe
PostPosted: Tue May 16, '17, 7:27 pm 
One of the best actors of our time, Powers Boothe, passed away a day or so ago. He was 68. From news reports I have read, it seems he may have died in his sleep of natural causes. Not really sure what that means. It is very sad to lose him.

He was an excellent actor in any role that he did, and he did a lot of them. He was in many westerns, usually playing a bad guy of some sort. He was in the original "Red Dawn" movie which also starred actor Patrick Swayze. He was also in the original "24" tv series starring Keifer Sutherland. He played the President in that tv show. A list of his many movies and other roles can be seen in the links below.

He had an outstanding voice which was very unique and easy to tell it was him speaking. Love that. And, he also did some voice work in several video games.

Condolences to his family and friends. He will be very much missed. :tombstone: :rose: ... 101700130/ ... cid=AARDHP

 Post subject: Re: Powers Boothe
PostPosted: Thu May 18, '17, 1:17 pm 
Condolences to his family Sad news again from these last days... :rose: :tombstone:

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