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 Post subject: Power Stone
PostPosted: Wed Mar 27, '13, 5:32 am 
Based on a Capcom arcade game of the same name that's fandom is nowadays all but dead, Power Stone is the story of a young man named Edward Falcon. One day when he returns home from a fight, he gets a package from his father, which is a mysterious stone. Little does he know upon first getting it that this stone is a POWER STONE, and he realizes later on that when the time is right, the stone transforms him into a powerful warrior. Shortly after he gets the stone, he runs into Ryoma, a samurai who wants to fight him that he eventually befriends, Ayame, a goody two shoes ninja girl who's seen around most of the time with her brother who dresses in drag, and Rouge, a gypsy fortune teller whom he immediately falls in love with. Power Stone is a very enjoyable show, and from time to time I find myself getting pretty obsessed with it, like now. The whole series is on YouTube. Here's the first four of episodes:

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