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PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, '10, 8:27 pm 
Yo, guys!
I've always wanted to see the Phantasy Star Classic Series adapted to Anime, so I've been trying by myself to write a possible episode listing for each game.
I've also tried to list the bosses, sub-bosses and possible episode they would appear, per game.

Here's what I have so far:

01: A Girl with a Great Goal
02: The Brave Warrior in Stone
03: The Governor's Reception
04: A Message for the Mage
05: Luveno of Freedom
06: The Mad Doctor's Terror
07: The Legendary Mage Master
08: The Way to the Medusa
09: The Mythological Dragons
10: Legends of the Ice Planet
11: Deposing the Dark Tyrant
12: For a Bright New Tomorrow

03: Nightmare
06: Mad Doctor
08: Medusa
11: Gold Drake
11: La Shiek
12: Dark Falz

07: Dragonwise
07: Bone Golem
09: Red Dragon
09: Frost Dragon
11: Black Dragon

Chapters: (Not sure if they are well divided)
01: Remnants of a Dream
02: Tragic Parental Love
03: Recorder Extraction
04: A Roron Good Time
05: Biohazard Source
06: Two Hearts, One Life
07: Imminent Flood Crisis
08: Wanted Innocents
09: Sentence of Doom
10: Esper of Old Times
11: The Sword of Light
12: In the Final Days

06: Neifirst
08: Army Eyes
11: Dark Falz
12: Mother Brain

01: World Full of Dangers
02: The Petrified Valley
03: First View of the Sky
04: Fort of Darkness
05: Farewell, Great Hunter
06: Roars of Revenge
07: Possessed Satellite
08: Ancient Death Call
09: Snowstorm Tower
10: The Hidden Planet
11: The Genesis of Algol
12: Heritage of Generations
13: The End of the Millennium
10.5: Sealed Memories (Drama CD Extra Chapter)

06: Zio
07: Dark Falz 1
08: La Shiek Zombie
09: Dark Falz 2
10: Dark Falz 3
11: De-Vars
11: Sa-Lews
11: Re-Faze
13: Profound Darkness
10.5: NM-2011

01: Igglanova
04: Juza
05: Gy-Languiah
06: ChaosSorcerer
07: D-Elm-Lars
08: Xe-A-Thoul
11: Lyla Illusion
12: Prophallus

And so... If you guys wanna comment on this listing, just for fun, I'd be appreciated :D

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, '10, 8:55 pm 
Personally, Phantasy Star IV could probably be divided into two seasons, that is of course assuming each episode is only about 20 minutes long plus of course an additional 3 minutes for opening and ending credits.

Season one would be based around Zio, Season two around Dezolis (And the Air Castle) and then a possible Season Three would probably be the rest.

I'll come up wth episode names and ideas later because this sounds like a fun topic. ^_^

PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, '10, 9:16 pm 
Just making a statement of mine, but why does people think these games are capable of being long enough for 2/3 seasons? In PSCave a person gave me a 38 episode listing for PS2...

Take Tales of the Abyss as an example...
It's story is way bigger than any Phantasy Star game, and it only gained a 26 episode series, and a great one in my opinion.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, '10, 9:49 pm 
I would probably add one more episode to your PSI list. I'd put Myau's intro as the second episode, bumping each of your episodes, starting with #2, up one number.

I guess PSIV could run for a lot more episodes if the anime included everything from the story. I think a fair bit of it would be left out to keep the story within the limits of one or two seasons. The first Zio encounter could make a good season ending cliffhanger, though.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, '10, 10:02 pm 
But on which points you guys say that the story is long enough for more than 12/13 episodes?
It's just that I don't get it and knowing the reasons maybe my point of view on it could change.

Also, Myau's intro is in episode 02, followed by Tylon's rescue...

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, '10, 10:28 pm 
The Zema stuff could be at least two or three episodes. One episode could cover the trip from Piata to Molcum and the introduction of Rune. The next could be the stops in Krup and Tonoe, with the third covering the return to Zema. Some of the Hunters' Guild missions, like the Vahal Fort mission, could make up an episode. 38 episodes would be a bit much I think, but it could probably be done with some padding.

Yeah, I thought you'd have Myau in episode 2. I'd just have one episode dedicated to Myau and the next episode dedicated to Odin. This is just how I would do it if I were writing.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, '10, 11:17 pm 
Whole episodes for each location or character introduction/development?
Once again, I don't believe they would waste an entire episode for each of those things...
They would, most likely, present 2/3 things in a minute segment then move on with the story. Equally with character development. Also, PS4's quests could be quick DVD extra OVAs, along with the Drama CD extra OVA.
I'm using my knowledge on how other good stories have gotten adapted into anime, the reason why I can't see things the way you do...

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, '10, 11:27 pm 
Oh man, to see the Phantasy Star series become an anime would be like, a mega dream come true. :heart:

As for Phantasy Star III, I'd prefer a live action soap opera acted out, rather than an anime series. Yeah!

PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, '10, 11:30 pm 
xrick wrote:In PSCave a person gave me a 38 episode listing for PS2...
That would be me. I told you that what I listed at PSCave could have been condensed, but not to 11 episodes. You need more episodes, period. Also, Roron isn't so interesting that it should get its own episode when any of the other dungeons/towers/Uzo do not.

Why do these games need so many episodes? Because they're long stories, that's why. I've found other RPGs to be quite thin in story compared to this series. Shallow game scripts do not equal shallow games. (There are at least three story arcs in PSII alone.) I don't know why you can't accept that fact when you haven't even completed or played most of the original games. Playing is believing.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, '10, 11:35 pm 
In case you don't know, I played all of PSG:1 reading along all texts from PS1, all of PS4, and now I'm playing all of PSG:2 reading the texts from PS2.

In no way you can say the way I'm dividing the stories is unbased, as I'm making an effort to make this right at minimum.

Also, I'm setting Roron alone as most of that episode would serve to Amia and Kainz at the least.

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