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 Post subject: Syrian Refugee Crisis
PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, '15, 12:33 am 
Been listening to the news tonight about the Syrian Refuge Crisis and all the refugees trying to escape and find a safe home in other countries. It is shocking at how many of these refugees there are (the ones that have already left for another country, and ones that are still seeking a place to go).

It seems Germany is taking a great number of them over there, well into the hundreds of thousands. Other countries are taking several thousand also. And, I just heard over the news that President Obama says almost 10,000 or more may come to the United States. Although there are concerns that some terrorists may try to sneak their way into the US and some of these other countries under the guise of being a refugee. There will have to be some safety precautions taken because of that last fact, I would imagine.

So, anyone have any opinions about this refugee crisis?

Do you think the United States should bring some of the refugees over here, or not?

Also what more could be done to make their homeland safer for them so they could stay there and enjoy a productive life?

Opinions or Comments? ... iness.html

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 Post subject: Re: Syrian Refugee Crisis
PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, '15, 7:12 pm 
Hungary has the right idea. That being to strengthen the borders and stop them rushing in. The problem is that there are too many bleeding hearts involved. A good deal will likely be economic migrants chancing their luck, otherwise they'd just go to wherever is closest rather than traipsing across europe to get here.
The migrants coming from Syria itself? Sure, help them. This is where it all started and i'm pretty sure their choices are slavery, death or escape. But expect a good deal of extremists to be sneaking in among them. Letting so many people in as they have is a decision places like Germany are going to regret for this reason alone. There'll be bombings and killings before long. It will happen.

As for what to do to solve the matter, particularly in Syria and Iraq where groups like IS and ISIS are at their worst and have, if stories are to be believed, gotten their hands on what's likely government stockpiles of biological agents that they're using to kill people there? Simple: kill every last one of them so that there's nobody left to keep these groups of savages going. Job done.

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