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 Post subject: Political PS Ponderings
PostPosted: Tue Jun 2, '15, 9:50 pm 
Which Political Orientation do you find out classic PS Chars, feel free to include suppporting chars? Democrat or Republican or Liber or Conservative hold little weight, but when I refer to them, its in the dictionary definition. Generally most characters are more "leftist" in views or actions, but again, left of what? Pretty much most can be called Anarchist. And most are clasified under many forms since nobody is 100% any.

Alis: Anarchist, but only by necessity; Possible Monarchist or Republican (as in establishing a Republic), open-ended.
Odin: Same. Not too much to be said of these folks.
Myau: Kitty-cat-ocrocrat. However, he establishes a closed off seemingly libertarian musk-cat society.
Noah: Absolute Anarchist; See Lutz.
Mayor/ Governor: Oligarchist--regardless of Alisa's choice (goood fanfic title,) our Mayor will be one of the few still in power most likely.
Lassic: Authoritarian Kleptocracy; Tyranny; Despotism.

Mostly Anarchist and Libertarian. I see most content by allowin each city rule on its own rather than a Federation or Republic.

Rolf: Totalitarian Democrat/Technocrat, then Anarchist, by necessity, then Democrat (as per PSII narrative after defeating MB)
Nei: ?
Rudo: Anarchist by necessity. Feels above the law to hunt monsters and join Rolf's crew.
Hugh: Green Party.
Amy: Socialist. Its tough to meet a physician without traditional socialist views, even if they have some capitalist traits. Social Democrat, I will concede to.
Anna: Anarchist, in the way that I feel she'd best support no form of government.
Kain: Same as above, but less of the feeling. I think he would best prefer to remain Apolitical and leave it to the rest of society, if a words exists.
Shir. Kleptocracy. But really, an narchist by necessity and the disregard of laws, possible capitalist coming from wealthy family, with a liberal mindset compared to the average wealthy person.
Commander/ Governor: Technocrat, Totalitarianist, with Democratic Republican sympathies later in game.
Palm Government: Totalitarian, per the idea that they call all shots, or most, even if guided by MB. In English translation, we are led to believe they are the ones who tried Rolf & Co. via trial absentia, and decided upon the sentence.
Lutz: Absolute Anarchist. Libertarian. Seems content to prefer each city or group of people govern themselves, rather than Federation or a Republic. Such as his own colony. Rebels against any or most forms of collective governing as well an authoritarian one.
Tyler: Same as above.
Mother Brain: Programmed as Absolute Authoritaran Technocrat.
[Reveal] Spoiler:
Earth People
: Some form of Authoritarian Communism or other such gov't which [Spoiler]benefits only the Earth people[/spoiler]"community", but at the cost of others.

Mostly Monarchists. Wont list all of course.

Ryan: Democratic Republican.

By and large, some form of Libertarianism where each city, town, etc governs itself. Nobody to my knowledge objects to this.

Wren: Not a Technocrat. Shuts down
[Reveal] Spoiler:
and then mentions eventually [Spoiler]people wont need the support systems nor hime one day.[/spoiler]
Demi: Same pretty much.

Any other ideas? I'm sure I missed several. Or may be plain wrong.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 18, '16, 11:58 am 
I Haven't seen this post before but I would like to thank you about it : great work here ! :clap:

PostPosted: Tue Aug 1, '17, 11:03 pm 
I think after Mother Brain (technically an absolute monarchist), Algo converted to a totalitarian electory where the elections where rigged. Now we know how 90% of the population died.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 2, '17, 12:18 pm 
Yes the population was more or less killed because of Mother Brain : maybe she and the Earthmen wanted to erase all the people and make another civilization grow instead ?

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