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PostPosted: Mon Jan 9, '12, 12:02 am 
Containers for medicine have taken some unusual designs in the artwork for Phantasy Star III. This remains the case for the basic health restoring potion, the monomate. This casing looks almost modular, suggesting that perhaps the strong versions - dimate and trimate - might be created merely by adding more modules to a monomate base. That's just speculation from the visual design, of course. The actual medicine of a monomate is most likely a liquid stored in this odd shape, with more potent ingredients in the stronger brews.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 9, '12, 1:32 pm 
It's the first time I saw this artwork (which is in the same style as the other PS3 items).
First time I saw it, and I don't know why, but I find it to be ressembling at the...Stix ennemies ! And Glazstix and Metlstix : specificaly their bodies round like a ball... strange but it was my first thought !
Then after I was looking at the compendium and saw that the Perolymate (Cola...a liquid soda !) was the same in the japanese version : a sort of bottle which contain the healing fluid.
Perolymate to monomate : the end of these two words are the same.

Finally, I would like to ask you : where did you find all these fantastic images ? Truly impressive !

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 9, '12, 7:36 pm 
These recent item images are coming from the image galleries included on the Phantasy Star Complete Collection game. It has scans of the Japanese manuals for most of the games. The item images were first printed in the PSIII manual, but the Complete Collection also has close ups of each item.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 9, '12, 9:26 pm 
You're right ! I'm unforgivable because I own the two ! The Complete collection on Saturn (but my saturn isn't functioning anymore...:() and the PSIII japanese version ! I have quasi all the japanese games (and the european version of the four but no need to precise it ;) ) for many years but never really opened them but that will change ! Too many things to do...
And speaking about the manual of PS3 : the texts are in furigana ! (like the japanese hint books of PSI and the two of..PSII !) so I can read them in japanes (but after the translation is much more difficult : I made some japanese studies before but it was hard and I abandoned it ...but maybe I'll try to continue ! :)

PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, '21, 1:03 am 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!


PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, '21, 1:45 pm 
Very strange this Monomate !

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