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 Post subject: Re: PlayStation Vita
PostPosted: Tue May 20, '14, 2:41 am 
Tried remote for PS4. Beautiful, lovely experience. A lot simpler than the PS3 remote play. But in the end, both experiences work well enough and I might use them sometimes. So we'll see how I actually USE the Vita going forward and we'll see what cross-buy freebies for PS Plus start coming up as time goes on, as I love snagging those.

 Post subject: Re: PlayStation Vita
PostPosted: Sat Jun 14, '14, 2:34 pm 
Another double post, but meh.

It seems with the slim out, accessories for the slim are now coming out. One that interested me when I first looked at accessories for the old model was the Nyko power grips. Now, I haven't had THAT had much trouble with holding my Vita, but there was one night where I was playing it for a while and the next day my hand felt a bit strange, so I thought about getting a grip for longer play sessions. I had seen grip accessories for the old model, but I knew they weren't compatible with the slim, so I figured wait a bit, and new accessories would trickle in. I had held the Sony trigger grips in my hands for the old Vita model, but they didn't quite feel right to me. I like the idea of looking and feeling like an oversized Playstation controller, but the oversized aspect of it doesn't quite sit well for me and didn't feel too comfortable in my small hands. I researched other grips online, and ran across the Nyko model, but like the trigger grips, it wasn't until recently that a slim-compatible model was released.

This week I saw the new trigger grips for the slim Vita in the Best Buy in the building where I work. So I quickly went online to see if other grips were trickling in, and indeed, the Nyko power grips for the slim were out. I couldn't feel them ahead of time as I couldn't find them anywhere around here, but I decided to take a risk and order them. What's cool about them is that it has its own battery pack in addition to the Vita's, that at least according to the instructions, is pretty smart about how it interfaces with the Vita battery. The point is for it to further increase the Vita's battery life span, and as you all know, I'm a big fan of good battery life.

Received them in the mail yesterday and I could hold them. They felt a LOT better than the Sony trigger grips when simply in my hands, at least to me. The instructions recommended fully charging the grips before putting the Vita in them, so they're charging right now, as I got home pretty late last night and didn't want to leave it to charge overnight. So I haven't yet actually used them with the Vita. Once they're charged, I'll try them with the console, but I have a good feeling right now.

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 Post subject: Re: PlayStation Vita
PostPosted: Sun Jun 15, '14, 2:39 pm 
I've never used any grip attachments for portables. I've always felt comfortable holding the portable systems that I have used. The added battery life would be nice, but it's not really a big concern of mine.

 Post subject: Re: PlayStation Vita
PostPosted: Sun Jun 15, '14, 5:11 pm 
It was just that long play session that one night that had be thinking. I'd rather avoid that. Plus, I do play my Vita on the bus sometimes, and I think grips would give me a better hold on it during bouncy rides.

 Post subject: Re: PlayStation Vita
PostPosted: Sun Jun 15, '14, 6:25 pm 
For my Ps Vita I use a sort of carbon protection black suit that is good and you have a very good grip with it ! :)
But usually I don't use that sort of protective gear BUT when I recieved the big protection, I didn't know that there was it Inside so I put it on and It was coo so I continue to use it from this time :)

 Post subject: Re: PlayStation Vita
PostPosted: Sat Jun 21, '14, 4:45 am 
At present, own all three North American OLED variations of the syste; Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi/3G, and a NOT FOR RESALE demo unit. May eventually sell the demo unit as it is hardware locked to kick you off and return to the home screen every fifteen minutes, simply no way to make it stop doing that.

Games owned so far (all physical releases):
Asphalt Injection
Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
Lumines: Electronic Symphony
Madden NFL 13
Rayman Origins
Silent Hill: Book of Memories
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Wipeout 2048

The official screen protector film was a day one purchase for me. I did not want to risk scratching the screen. The demo unit never had a screen protector and is a prime example of why you should get one installed, scratches aren't so much visible when you play something as they are something you feel everytime you touch the screen, and that's distracting. Only my original (Wi-Fi) unit has a screen protector, but I plan to buy one for the 3G model before putting it into useage.

Ultimately, the 3G model will be configured with my Japanese PSN account so I can have it as a dedicated Phantasy Star Online 2 unit, and install full function Nico Nico Video, as the US PSN market place only offers the horribly glitchy 1.0 version of the Nico Nico app.

Sunk so much into buying additional Vita units and importing PSO2 (not yet been billed for yet) that I've put no effort into buying the more interesting US game releases yet. The Hyper Dimension Neptunia remake due out in a couple of months will likely get a pre-order from me.

 Post subject: Re: PlayStation Vita
PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, '14, 4:54 pm 
TWEEG : what is your favourite game through this list ?

 Post subject: Re: PlayStation Vita
PostPosted: Fri Jul 4, '14, 3:44 am 
That would have to be Lego Batman 2 for just a solo game. Rather enjoy playing Wipeout 2048 online.

 Post subject: Re: PlayStation Vita
PostPosted: Fri Jul 4, '14, 12:39 pm 
Thanks for the answer ! :) I haven't played any of these games but maybe later ? :)

 Post subject: Re: PlayStation Vita
PostPosted: Mon Jul 7, '14, 1:10 am 
So one thing that is no really starting to bug me with the Vita, or rather the way it's being supported, is this. A lot of the PS2 HD collections have been/are being ported to Vita. The Sly Collection, Ico/Shadow of the Colossus, Ratchet & Clank, God of War, Jak & Daxter…okay great. These were all released on PS3 in the past couple of years, and I really enjoy them. I hadn't played Sly nor * back in the PS2 days, and I'm quite happy to revisit R&C, thank you very much. I also have not played God of War, but we own the HD collection for PS3 and it's one of those I may play someday. These collections have been trickling in for Vita, and and the latest to be released on Vita is the R&C collection. They do look quite stunning in HD on the PS3, and I think it's great to bring them to Vita as well. I mean, why not?

But why, Sony, oh why why WHY do none of these support cross-save and a single achievements list?! You were able to make Borderlands 2 work with cross-save and one achievement list when it was ported to Vita, why not these collections?! As much as I loved flOw, it had the same problem - each version (Vita, PS3, PS4) had its own achievement list, instead of one that synced across all platforms. They couldn't cross-save, but buying it on any of the platforms entitled you to having it on the rest. Um…why have cross-buy but not cross-save? flOw was a really short game, so the lack of cross-save did not bother me much, but still. I'm not going to pay full price for a separate game that is actually the same thing as what I already have on the home console when I can't even take my existing save on the go.

Well, okay, maybe I will if you port Okami HD to Vita as well without cross-save and a new achievements list, but that's Okami and Okami is the best game ever.

Except Earthbound.

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