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 Post subject: Starbound Creations
PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, '19, 12:58 am 
I've been inspired to attempt to remake some of the game towns in a 2D way with Starbound. Can you guess what town this is?

Imgur link instead of embedded picture because it is very wide

More towns to come, I hope to do most of them from PS4, and maybe a rough backdrop of Rykros. Mayhaps other games' towns from there.

Also, hello, it's been a while.

 Post subject: Re: Starbound Creations
PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, '19, 6:46 am 
Build 2. Learned from the first town to build with a more consistent foundation size so they don't look so weird next to each other.

Try to guess what this one is too. It's much easier than the first.
These images are getting wider each time

I said "most of them" but I'm skipping over several small towns because they either aren't unique enough or don't translate well into 2 dimensions, such as Krup.

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