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PostPosted: Fri Sep 19, '14, 12:35 am 
Hello, guys.

I logged into Play-Asia today, wondering if I should buy PSP2 Infinity now or wait a little longer.

Then I saw its price in my shopping cart: US12.99 for a limited time!

Before, it had "free shipping", so just buying one game might end up being almost the same thing all around. But I found out PS0 (Zero) was cheap, as well (and I hope I get it, since they only had one left; it truly tries to live up to its name). With the shipping being divided between two games, it was well worth it.

Even buying just one game it could be a good offer, if you do not go for the most expensive shipping options.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 19, '14, 3:41 pm 
Looks like I got the last of their then currently existing PS Zero. It was "sold" for a while, and now it went from "ships in 24 hours" to "ships in a week" and it no longer has the special price (although at US22, it is still fairly cheap).

Portable 2 Infinity is still US13, with two existing units left.

Has someone else imported any of those games? I imagine Infinity would be more likely to be imported, since that version was not released here. My copies are on the way, so I will soon be able to get my KFC-looking items.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, '17, 1:24 pm 
I know this Play-Asia site, even if I've never commanded throuhg it : has someone ever done it ? (except Icecypher ;) )

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