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 Post subject: GameStop takes coupons
PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, '11, 4:15 am 
GameStop is taking some heat for removing some free game coupons from new boxes of the video game "Deus Ex: Human Revolution": ... 21510.html

This sounds terrible, and something that might anger many video game fans, among others.

Comments or Opinions?

PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, '11, 12:26 pm 
What's next? Will they open the consoles and remove the controller because they sell controllers at the store? They are literally stealing the coupons.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, '11, 2:58 pm 
Thats how it is nowadays with GameStop, when someone brings in a trade-in on a system it has to have everything with it. But when they box it up they sell the controller that it came with seperately for just a few dollars under a new controller, thus price gouging.

Sometimes theres a few occasions where they sell the systems with the controller with it. For example the Wii used at Gamestop is $99.99 with no controller. Now a used Wii with a controller will cost around $125.99. So GameStop is just ripping people off more then pawnshops.

As a true gamer I just can't work at gamestop ever again. A true gamer doesn't try and rip other gamers off. It's like a unspoken code among us.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, '11, 6:09 am 
If I had bought the game from a store that did this, I'd be returning it for a refund. Selling an opened game as new isn't right and isn't what the customers expected. I've read that Gamestop has since stopped doing this and is recalling the games. They should have done that in the first place, instead of taking the coupons out. I can understand not wanting to advertise for one's competitor, but removing content from a sealed package isn't the way to handle it.

And plus, just imagine how many of these coupons will go "missing" because some employee decides they want a free copy of the game. :(

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