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PostPosted: Tue Apr 20, '10, 1:21 am 
Okay guys, I created this thread to be kind of a database to show off some of the many pirated games released on our early consoles. A large majority of the games are "terrible" conversions of the real thing released on a lesser console (Eg: A 1998 Arcade game released on the 1985 NES for an example). The people or companies that have released these game have had no permission to do so by the original game developers, but have still made money by selling them. Most of these games were found in cartridge form in Hong Kong, China and parts of South America from the research I have done. I plan to update this every now and then with more. I hope you all learn something :wink: . PS: I took all the screenshots myself :p

And feel free to comment and share your opinions or ask questions.

NES Pirate Games:

Phantasy Star IV
Image Image
We all should know this one quite well. It is the NES version of PSIV. It's not a very fun game in all honesty but it's definitely unique because it does contain many of the things that are actually found in the original version. The artwork is completely disturbing hands down. Lots of the character portraits have been given large black eyes like bugs eyes. The battle system is a very basic version of the original thing too. Also because it is a NES game the enemies are not animated like in the original either. Overall its worth checking out being the Phantasy Star fans we are but its nothing special.

Master Fighter II
Image Image
This is a very sad conversion of Street Fighter II made originally by Capcom. The graphics actually look okay for NES standards but the gameplay is definitely not. The AI is terribly tough and you'll be flat out trying to win a single match. Only four characters are playable as opposed to the eight playable in the original arcade game. Other than the unforgiving and unchangeable difficulty this game looked all right at first glance in my opinion.

The King of Fighters '99
Image Image
This is another broken fighting game for the NES based on SNK's popular King of Fighters series (aka: KOF). The introduction is actually taken from KOF '95 and the character select screen although huge is just the same few characters repeated several times. Just like Master Fighter II the opponent AI is terribly strong and this game really isn't worth playing. The music is also quite sad even for NES standards. Overall this is one of the pirated NES game I wouldn't recommend you waste your time on. Play the real thing instead.

I'll give this another update tomorrow with a few more :wink:

PostPosted: Tue Apr 20, '10, 3:39 pm 
I need to pick up my playthrough of the pirate PSIV sometime. There's still a lot of cutscenes I could get from it.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 20, '10, 6:30 pm 
Great idea for a thread, Lucas. The screen shots, though not terrible for NES games, are still pretty hilarious. The blond guy's left fist on the Master Fighter II opening screen looks deformed.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 21, '10, 1:25 am 
Okay continuing along from the NES list I started. Today we have:

Shin Samurai Spirits 2
Image Image
This is yet another fighting game. It's based on SNK's Samurai Shodown II. It contains only a handful of the characters present in the actual arcade game. Just like with the previous KOF '99 many of the characters at the select screen are repeated to make it look like a large cast very deceiving. Compared to both Master Fighter II & KOF '99 this game is a lot easier to win at. I beat it once before :wink: . But don't expect any unique character endings the game just replays from the first fight again. A bad thing is at times this game gets quite glitchy. The music is also horrible.  :yuck:

Super Mario World
Image Image
This is the NES version of Super Mario World that was released on the SNES. It's actually one of my favourite pirate games to be honest :up: . Most of the stages are dummied down versions of the actual stages present in the SNES version. Yoshi is also present just like in the real thing. It even has a similar animated title screen as you can see from the shot I took. Many of the enemies from the SNES version have also been added to the game they just lack the SNES quality of course. Some levels however can be a pain to win because Mario isn't able to jump as far as he can in the original game this can be really frustrating but it is a pirated game after all, so we can't expect perfection. Overall this is one I would recommend you guys have a good look at. Sadly certain NES emulators cannot play this game. 

Image Image
A fairly well-known pirated game. It's basically Mario in Sonic the Hedgehog he even has all Sonic's abilities to run and roll into a ball. Yeah who ever made this game had rocks in his head. This game is far to glitchy to get far in and some emulators just like with Super Mario World can't play the ROM full stop. Overall it's too fast paced and difficult. Other than the decent NES graphics and original Sonic music Soamri isn't a very fun time. 

Okay I could go on for days about more pirated NES games there are just so many. But I'll introduce you to some Sega Genesis / MegaDrive ones later on instead.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 23, '10, 12:57 pm 
Sega MegaDrive / Genesis Pirate Games:

Super Mario World / Super Mario Bros.
Image Image
This is an interesting one. It borrows many backgrounds and certain enemies from the SNES version of Super Mario Bros. found in Super Mario All-Stars. The ROM is called Super Mario World but the title screen calls the game Super Mario Bros. In this game Mario is also given the ability to pick up crates and throw them at his enemies. This is also the only way to defeat Bowser. At times the game can glitch a bit like you walk halfway through a wall but nothing major. I haven't played a lot of this game but I did make it to the boss in the second world which was big Bee or Bird I think???. Some stages may have been taken from other games even kind of like a hack from what I've noticed. This was an interesting one that's for sure. :yes:

Sonic Jam 6
Image Image
Another hack kind of game that got itself a cartridge release. This is yet again just the SNES version of Super Mario Bros. found on Super Mario All-Stars. Only now your Sonic. Instead of Sonic being small he starts out red and turns blue when he gets a mushroom. You still encounter the same enemies Goombas, Koopas and Bowser. Also it seems the coin sprite has been changed. Just note that the game will lock itself up completely when you reach stage 4-1 :down: . You'll encounter Lakitu who throws out unlimited spinies, I took a screenshot to show you. It seems these people really wanted a Mario (or Mario styled) game on the MegaDrive if you ask me. To bad the above games aren't anything special. Maybe they should have just bought a SNES to begin with. :wink:

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