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PostPosted: Mon Mar 2, '15, 8:33 pm 
Hello. My name is Alaster. I am terribly sorry to bother you creating such a trite topic but I can't seem to find PS4's visual resources (you know, buildings and tiles) anywhere. Including this site :-( Could you please direct me? I am looking for any and every visual resource available for the game. I'd really like to not have to make them from scratch :P

Thank you in advance for your time! (and answers)

PostPosted: Thu Mar 19, '15, 3:31 pm 
Well, sine no one else will help ya out..
I can at least do this for ya, it's not tiles or buildings, but it's every monster and character just about.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, '15, 1:56 am 
It's a bit buried, but I actually found some stuff in this site's image archive. I'm not sure if it's exactly what you're looking for, but here it is, as well as one another link I found.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 22, '15, 11:15 am 
Hey, thank you, guys! :D Yes, that was what I was looking for but since I got no reply for so long I have been ripping the graphics off of the game using the Gens+ emulator. Curiously, I missed PSAlgo's archive! I can't understand how, though and for that I am sorry :$. I am rebuilding Phantasy Star IV, btw, not 3.

I am done with Motavia's overworld graphics (phew, finally) and have completed more than 50% of the map. I also finished Uzo a few days ago :D (well the outside, I haven't gotten to the inner house building yet). It would be awesome if I could find the tiles already ripped but no luck yet. So I have been ripping them myself. I am also done with the party characters sprites, faces and talking icons.

Um... If you need to, I can provide you with all the material I have extracted (should compliment your archives nicely). I can also provide information on how the game was built graphically, too. I have come to understand quite a many things. I am in the middle of the remake though, so I do not really care to right now but if you need to, I would do it. Just say the word.

I sincerely thank you both! :D Please, do keep me posted if you come across ANY other resource for the game! Thank you!

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