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 Post subject: Philosophy
PostPosted: Tue Jun 3, '14, 11:47 pm 
So yeah, unless I'm being an idiot I don't see a philosophy topic. Since philosophy is generally done through books, I figure this is the best place to put this topic.

Philosophy is a subject I really like. And honestly I don't think it's that complicated a subject, just a lot of philosophers are really bad at making their points concise! Some of their points aren't even that complicated, it's just the obtuse way they write makes it seem that way.

Anyone else into it or am I alone here?

 Post subject: Re: Philosophy
PostPosted: Wed Jun 4, '14, 2:00 am 
I'm into it on some level, particularly secular and humanist philosophies. Guys like Ingersoll, Hume, Kant, and more contemporary, Massimo Pigliucci and his podcast Rationally Speaking. I'm sure there are a few others whose works I've dabbled in.

 Post subject: Re: Philosophy
PostPosted: Wed Jun 4, '14, 3:34 am 
I took a number of philosophy classes in college, really liked the skeptical empiricism in Hume and Descartes, and I learned a lot about the difficulties of communication in the sciences by reading about Karl Popper and other philosophers of science. I don't read any of it these days, to be honest, I do think it's endlessly complex and often needlessly so, and I kind of got out of it all I was interested in, but philosophical problems are always interesting.

I actually spend more time reading theological works now, which probably aren't generally considered philosophy in the modern sense, but in the sense of a love of wisdom I think they're very fascinating, especially guys like Tertullian and Origen and modern figures like G.K. Chesterton.

Which philosophers or schools of thought are you into, Hukos? I had friends in college who were really into philosophy.

 Post subject: Re: Philosophy
PostPosted: Wed Jun 4, '14, 4:17 pm 
I heavily lean towards the existentialist camp. Camus, Kierkegaard, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Sartre, etc.

Though really, you could combine Camus' absurdism with Nietzsche's fascination with greatness and you have my philosophical outlook.

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