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 Post subject: Phantasy Star: Woman
PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, '11, 4:16 am 
Many of the non-player characters of Phantasy Star were bright and colorful, matching the fantastic futuristic environment in which they lived. This example of a Palman woman gives us a glimpse a typical representation of the townspeople. We have previously encountered another Palman lady, but this one features a different color scheme. Both her hair and clothing feature darker colors. Her somewhat futuristic fashion choice combined with her posture present the idea of a person approached as they were walking down the street. Perhaps she stopped in midstride to answer a question from Alis. Well dressed people like this woman can be found in many of Palma's towns, offset the concept of a world suffering under the iron fist of a tyrant.

 Post subject: Re: Phantasy Star: Woman
PostPosted: Mon Jan 17, '11, 6:40 pm 
When I first saw this, I don't know why, but my chauvenistic attitude began to rise. I think because of the title "Woman" perhaps. I dunno. :silly:

Anyway, yeah, I can agree about how well dressed she seems to be, especially with the gloves and boots, etc., it certainly doesn't look like she's hurting for anything or anything of that nature.

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