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PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, '07, 6:47 pm 
I am pleased to announce the opening of a new feature: the Phantasy Star Webring! This is a new webring open to web sites or pages with Phantasy Star content. If you have such a site, you can join the webring to increase awareness of your site among fans.

There have been similar webrings in the past, but they have fallen into disrepair or been neglected by their administrators. With this new webring, we hope to avoid falling into that same trap, while getting some more attention to currently active sites.

Fringes of Algo is in the ring, of course. You can see a preview of the ring code on the bottom of the main page. There is also a text only code and I will be accepting suggestions or submissions of new alternative codes as well.

Thanks to Tsunami for suggesting the creation of the new webring!

PostPosted: Mon Jul 2, '07, 5:03 am 
I'm very happy to see this new webring! :D I'll be sure to join after I get a new host... Current one is not working for me. :\

In the meantime, I hope it grows with active PS sites. Looking forward to seeing a thriving community. :)

PostPosted: Mon Jul 2, '07, 7:58 pm 
Neat! I saw one on another site, but the list of sites was just full of junk or dead links... I hope this ring is really successful. If I had a site of my own, I'd sign up. :)

PostPosted: Tue Jul 3, '07, 1:53 pm 
This sounds like a wonderful idea. :clap:

I don't have a site but I am forever going to places where the links are old and not working and it is really a bummer. :bang:

I can understand how a place gets in that situation, though, as I have stuff I need to update and improve also. :dizzy:

Still, you can miss a lot of traffic and potential new members or interesting people if your site doesn't look or seem interesting and fresh. Just my opinion. :hmm:

PostPosted: Tue Jul 3, '07, 11:45 pm 
Thoul, I'm not sure if my pal Trenzer contacted you directly, but he's agreed to join the Webring with my PSIV patch site and has already put the link up!

PostPosted: Wed Jul 4, '07, 5:18 am 
He didn't contact me directly, but the ring does mail me when there's a new sign up. The patch site has been approved and is the official second site in the ring. :)

PostPosted: Thu Jul 5, '07, 12:29 am 
Sweet, I'll let him know!

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