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PostPosted: Sat Aug 21, '10, 7:30 pm 
I think they could be slipped into a game as a kind of achievement award of some kind ..... You Received "Rappy Rattler" for defeating 100 Rappies!


PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, '10, 9:13 pm 
I was just wondering how this project was coming along. It crossed my mind yesterday while I was in town shopping at one store and saw all kinds of various trading/playing cards for almost every subject under the sun it seems. Reminded me of PS Trading cards, etc. Anyone still working on this?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 18, '10, 3:29 am 
I have a little bit, trying to turn it into a small hobby. I haven't worked on much since my last post due to other games and r/l stuffs. Only thing I worked on a little bit was the layout.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 18, '10, 5:31 pm 
Ok, Atlin, I was just wondering. I wish you much luck and success in your efforts to keep this project going. :yes:

It seems the trading card stuff is big business these days. I didn't realize how much until I saw all those packages of trading cards in the store (and this was a small store too). Everything from Spidy, to Star Trek, to Magic the Gathering, to Bugs Bunny almost, has trading cards these days, and I don't even know about various video game trading cards that may be available. It really was surprising to see trading cards have become so popular.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, '10, 8:57 pm 
Silver_Surfer1 wrote:and I don't even know about various video game trading cards that may be available.

I know there have been several sets of Nintendo trading cards, both for Nintendo in general and specific games like Mario Galaxy or Zelda: Twilight Princess. There aren't too many trading card games based on video games, though. There's Pokemon, but that's the only one that comes to mind.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 4, '17, 12:41 pm 
You're all right here : there are so many trading card games nowadays ! (Actually I'm playing, but only a little, Android Netrunner, which is a great one !).
Like I've said before, and in another post tried to the borad game I've tried myself, many years ago, to make a Card/Board Game and I've found back MANY many ideas and so papers noted with cards, rules etc... but in a total mess ! That was great to think about it but it always have been hard to decide and choose about the rules, the links between the games etc...
Maybe one day I'll try, like we've tried with Jessie about a board game (but for the moment it's in stand bye alas...)
I've too found some rulebook about a Card game from the Fringes of Algo ! I still have a print document about it :! It's as follows :
The title was "Fringes of Algo PSCCG Rulebook" and it is from Thoul ! So I think it's one of the original documents as it's dated from last modified July 26 2001 and I've printed 2002 ! 15 years ago...04 03 2002.
What a luck to still have that ! Did you kow if someone still have this document or if we can still find it on the site ? :)

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